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ACL Injury

Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

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What is ACL Injury?

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) is a strong band of tissue that connects the femur and tibia or the thigh bone and shinbone. It helps to stabilize the knee joint. Any kind of tear or sprain in the ACL is referred to as an ACL Injury.

An ACL Injury is most common amongst sportspersons involved in soccer, football, skiing or basketball etc. as sudden jerky movements are a part of these sports. Abrupt changes in motion can put stress on the ACL leading to an injury.

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What is ACL Injury?

Following is a list of causes of an ACL Injury:

What are the risk factors for an ACL Injury?

Multiple reasons can make you more prone to an ACL Injury. Some of these are listed below:

How is an ACL Injury diagnosed?

What is the treatment for an ACL Injury?

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What are the symptoms of an ACL Injury?

The symptoms of an ACL Injury include:

  • – A ‘popping’ sound emanating from the knee
  • – Sudden inflammation in the knee
  • – Severe pain in the knee that hinders normal daily activities
  • – Partial or complete loss of range of motion in the knee
  • – Instability in the knee which makes it impossible to stand properly.

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