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    Dialysis Centre

    Full time Nephrologist always Available for Best Kidney Care
    Choosing a dialysis centre is an important decision as patients spend a lot of time at the DIALYSIS FACILITY


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    Dr. Mayanka

    (American Board Certified Nephrologist)



    What To Expect On Your First Visit

    To Healing Dialysis Centre

    Take a tour of Our Dialysis Facility

    Free consultation with Nephrologist

    Meet the staff who will take care of you

    At Healing Hospital, we love our patients and our entire philosophy focuses on providing high-quality, unmatched patient care.

    Trained Dialysis Nurses & Technicians

    The dialysis team ensures proper assessment, medication & care, before, during and after the dialysis.

    Hygiene & Infection Prevention Practices

    To prevent cross-infections and maintain a healthy environment , we strictly comply with all infection control procedures.

    Well-experienced Dietician

    As diet is important of part of your dialysis care, our dietitian plans your meals to meet your unique needs.

    Full-Time Nephrologist Care

    Since dialysis requires specialised & skilled care, our kidney doctor is always available by your side.

    To arrange your visit, please contact us at +91-7589343434

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      Facilities & Services

      Out Patient Hemodialysis (OPD + IPD)

      Out Patient Peritoneal Dialysis (OPD + IPD)

      High-End & Advanced Machinery

      Excellent RO Water Quality

      Free Refreshment

      Emergency Services

      Insurance Coverage For Dialysis

      Prescription Management

      Emergency cases

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      contact our friendly staff with any general or medical enquiry call us.

      +91-9464343434, 0172-5088883

      Opening Hours

      Monday-Friday8.00 – 7:00 pm

      Saturday9.00 – 8.00 pm

      Sunday10.00 – 9.00 pm


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