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Minimal Invasive FT- 3D Mapping

AI based knee resurfacing surgery is the new league!

As much as Total Knee Joint Replacement itself was an innovation of it’s time, it still demanded more from the science and technology. Hence, FT-3D knee Joint Resurfacing is the league. FT-3D knee resurfacing is the most minimally invasive joint surgery that involves both- latest technology as well as an expert surgeon’s hands-on experience.


Post Operative Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Care

All post operative Knee Resurfacing patients are offered the latest Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation protocols in association with ABTP: ABHINAV BINDRA TARGETING PERFORMANCE- by India’s first gold medalist, Abhinav Bindra.

The centre is well equipped with the advanced and world class equipment and highly trained physiotherapists, technicians and support staff. The centre also provides counselling sessions, exercise training, diet and nutrition management etc.

The winning combination of Fast Track Knee Resurfacing and ABPT helps patients achieve better outcomes after the procedure and that too, faster.

Our Expert

Dr. Tarandeep Singh Gill

A Pioneer in Introducing FT 3D Knee Resurfacing in North India.

Senior Consultant- Orthopaedics, Sports Medicine and Joint Replacement

M.B.B.S, M.S – Orthopaedics, M.CH- Orthopaedics (American Institute of Medicine)
Fellow, Saint Josef Hospital, Paderborn, Germany
Fellow, Arcus Sports hospital, Pforzheim, Germany

Over 5000+ Joint Replacement Surgeries performed with highest success rate.

The Pain Sees No Distance- Listen to their own experiences!

The Journey of Immobility to Mobility Starts Here at Healing Hospital!

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Benefits of FT-3D Knee Resurfacing

  • – Assisted walk in just 3-4 hours post surgery.
  • – Less blood loss
  • – Least surgical time (15-20mins)
  • – No Epidural Injection in back
  • – Suture-less method
  • – Homecare physiotherapy sessions
  • – Climb stairs from the 3rd day of surgery
  • – Reduced chances of infection
  • – Minimum hospital stay
  • – No drainage pipes
  • – No ICU stay
  • – No physical follow-up required
  • – Thigh bone (Femur) is not opened and no rod inserted as like in Knee replacement surgery.

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