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What is angioplasty?

Angioplasty, also known as balloon angioplasty, is basically a surgical procedure that is utilized to unblock a coronary artery. This minimally invasive procedure helps in widening arteries and veins that have become narrow due to formation of fatty plaque. It eventually and keeps the heart muscles healthy.

There are various types of angioplasty procedures and these are listed below:

What does the angioplasty procedure involve?

Why do I need to undergo angioplasty?

After thorough investigation, your cardiac surgeon will let you know if you need to undergo angioplasty or not.

Following are the crucial points that will be considered:

What to expect post-angioplasty?

How much time will it take to resume normal work after angioplasty?

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What are the preparations required for angioplasty procedure?

  • – Your cardiac surgeon will ask you not to eat or drink anything after midnight before your angioplasty.
  • – Confirm from your doctor if you can continue with the medication that you are already taking for any other health conditions.
  • – Diabetic patients need to be extra cautious about the continuation of their medicines before and after angioplasty.
  • – In case you have an allergy to X-Ray dye or iodine, let the interventional radiologist as well as the cardiac surgeon be informed about it at least a few days before angioplasty.
  • – Completely stop smoking before your angioplasty procedure.

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