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When you get a positive pregnancy test, you’ve embarked on a life-changing journey. You go through a lot of changes in your body, mind, and lifestyle as the baby develops and changes through each stage of pregnancy.

Healing hospital Chandigarh is the place where you can begin your journey towards a safe and healthy pregnancy. Healing Hospital ensures that couples have a positive birthing and post-childbirth experience while being taken care of by one of the best gynaecologists in Chandigarh with proper safety and covid protocols.

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Contents:Eat wellStay well hydratedExercise regularlyRemember that you are pregnantGet adequate restGet supplementsSpend time with your loved ones

Here are some tips by the best gynaecologists for a healthy pregnancy:

best gynaecologists in Chandigarh
  1. Eat well: You may crave to eat fast food at times, but you should mostly try to eat a nutritious and balanced diet. This includes fruits, vegetables, juice, carbohydrates (such as bread, pasta, and rice), fish, milk, cheese, yoghurt, eggs, beans, nuts, pulses, etc.
  1. Stay well hydrated: During pregnancy, the amount of water in your body increases to help in maintaining a stable blood pressure level. Therefore, you should try to drink at least eight glasses of water each day. You may also go for fluids such as fruit teas, fresh fruit juice, etc. to stay hydrated.
best gynaecologists in Chandigarh
  1. Exercise regularly: Regular exercise is very helpful for you and your baby. It aids in the prevention of pregnancy risks, boosts your mood, increases the chances of smooth labour and delivery, helps you get back to shape after delivery, and assists in coping with joint strains that occur during pregnancy. 

Good choices of pregnancy exercises include Yoga, Pilates, brisk walking, etc. It is best to let your instructor know about your pregnancy to avoid any risks.

  1. Remember that you are pregnant: By this, we mean that you should remember that alcohol, tobacco and drugs consumption are a strict no-no in pregnancy. Drinking alcohol during the first trimester can increase the risk of miscarriage, and it can impair your baby’s brain growth during the third trimester.

Smoking increases the risk of miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, placental abruption, premature delivery, low birth weight, stillbirth, and SIDS (Sudden infant death syndrome).

You should also try to avoid caffeine as it has been linked to an increased risk of miscarriage. Coffee, tea, cola, chocolate, and energy drinks all contain caffeine.

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  1. Get adequate rest: The high levels of pregnancy hormones circulating in your body trigger the exhaustion you experience in the first few months. Therefore, you should try to get plenty of rest. If it becomes difficult for you to sleep at night, try to take naps in the daytime to get complete rest.

Try to fall into the habit of sleeping on your side. When opposed to lying on your back in the third trimester, sleeping on your side decreases the likelihood of stillbirth. Practices such as deep breathing, visualization, massage, etc. can help you sleep better.

  1. Get supplements: Pregnant women are required to take folic acid for at least the first three months of their pregnancy, while vitamin D is required during the entire course of pregnancy and even afterwards.

Taking folic acid during pregnancy lowers the baby’s chance of having a neural tube defect and vitamin D is essential for your baby’s skeleton growth and future bone health.

  1. Spend time with your loved ones: Spending time with your loved ones helps in alleviating your anxiety and stress, and also lifts your spirits. Spending time with your close ones makes you feel more connected to them. These interactions can be a great source of support and motivation during pregnancy.

Along with keeping all these tips in mind, it is important to regularly consult with your gynaecologist for a safe and healthy pregnancy. You can trust Healing Hospital for the best care, comfort, consultation and support services. Click here for online consultation:

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