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Understanding Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (MISS): Benefits and Risks

In the realm of medical advancements, one revolutionary procedure that has gained significant traction in recent years is Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (MISS). This groundbreaking technique allows spine specialists in Chandigarh and other regions to address various spine-related conditions with reduced tissue damage, shorter recovery time, and potentially fewer complications. In this blog, we delve deep into the world of MISS, shedding light on its numerous benefits and potential risks. By discussing this cutting-edge surgical

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What are the Common Neurological Emergencies?

Neurological emergencies affect the nervous system of the body including the brain, spinal cord and all the associated nerves. Prompt recognition of neurological emergencies is a must for getting timely treatment, avoiding minimal damage to the nervous system and reducing readmission of patients in the hospital. Some of the common neurological emergencies show symptoms such as difficulties in thinking, unstable emotions, and respiratory paralysis due to a serious injury or severe illness.   Some of

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Chronic Kidney Disease

The main function of kidneys is to filter waste and extra fluids from the body which are then expelled out in the form of stools or urine. Chronic kidney disease or chronic kidney failure occurs when kidneys gradually lose their functioning capacity.    In advanced stages, chronic kidney disease can lead to excessive build-up of waste material in your body that can be eventually life-threatening. Most of the time, chronic kidney disease does not cause

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Door to Needle

Importance of door to needle time

In the treatment of Acute Ischemic Stroke (AIS), Intravenous thrombolysis (IVT) is a common form of treatment. The sooner IVT is started, the better are the chances of a successful outcome. As a result, recording the in-hospital time to IVT treatment, also known as the door-to-needle time (DNT), is an effective approach to track quality improvement.  In other words, Door to Needle (DTN) time is the period between when a stroke patient arrives in the emergency room to

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Importance of door to needle time

In the treatment of Acute Ischemic Stroke (AIS), Intravenous thrombolysis (IVT) is a common form of treatment. The sooner IVT is started, the better are the chances of a successful outcome…

7 Oct
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Laparoscopic Surgery – What is it?

Laparoscopic surgery is a form of minimally invasive surgery in which small incisions are used instead of the big incisions as in an open surgery.This surgical procedure uses a long thin camera…

20 Oct
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How to Detect Heart Problems?

Heart problems refer to a range of conditions that affect the heart. Heart problems include Coronary artery disease, Arrhythmias, Congenital heart defects, Heart valve disease, etc.

27 Oct
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Causes and Treatment of Knee Pain in Young Adult

Knee pain is a typical complaint among the elderly, but it is also affecting many young adults today. The reason why knee pain is so common is that it is led by a number of unavoidable factors…

15 Nov
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Knee Pain Common in Older Women

Knee pain appears to be a common complaint among middle-aged and elderly women. There are a variety of possible reasons why older women face severe forms of pain and discomfort in the knees.

17 Nov
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