7 things to avoid for healthy kidneys

Lakhs of people in India are diagnosed with kidney diseases every year! It is more common now than it was decades ago and we have but one reason to blame all of this to- The Modern Lifestyle. 

Everyone today is at the risk of having kidney diseases because of some common habits and their way of living. But this is not a gone case. You can do the following 7 things to prevent your kidneys from deteriorating. 


Hydrate yourself enough but don’t overdo it
Leave those cigarettes for good
Avoid too much sugar and salt intake
Don’t sit still all day
Avoid Spirit
Do not compromise on sleep
Avoid Over-the-Counter Medications
  1. Hydrate yourself enough but don’t overdo it 
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Staying hydrated clears your kidneys from sodium and toxins. Drinking plenty of water is one of the best ways to avoid kidney stones. But over-hydration is not a wise habit either. No studies have proven that over-hydration helps in enhancing the functioning of the kidneys. 

It is therefore advised to drink about 1.5 to 2 liters of water in a day, but not more than that.

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  1. Leave those cigarettes for good
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We already know about the harm that smoking does to your heart and lungs. But kidneys don’t remain unaffected by it either. Smoking leads to damaging of the blood vessels in the kidneys which prevents them from performing their functions efficiently.

It also increases the risk of high blood pressure and kidney cancer. Along with this, people who smoke are more likely to have protein in their urine which is a sign of kidney damage.

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  1. Avoid too much sugar and salt intake

Diabetes and high blood pressure are the leading reasons for kidney diseases. Consumption of too much sugar and artificial sweeteners leads to obesity which increases the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure and thus kidney damage. It is therefore advised to not intake sugar in abundance and also to avoid packaged foods such as breakfast cereals, white bread and drinks which have processed sugar in them.

As for salt, a high salt intake diet alters the sodium balance in the body which increases the blood pressure and burdens the kidneys with extra workload. As a replacement, you can use herbs and spices to add over your food instead of just adding more salt to it.

  1. Don’t sit still all day

Sedentary lifestyle is a major contributor for kidney diseases. It is linked to increasing the risk of obesity which is the root of all major problems. Human body needs physical activity for maintaining blood pressure and improving glucose metabolism.

It is therefore recommended that you take walks in between if you have a sitting job and exercise at least 30 minutes each day. 

  1. Avoid Spirit

Besides weakening the liver and heart, alcohol also leads to ailments in kidney due to the increased blood sugar level which it causes. Heavy drinking has been found to double the risk of chronic kidney diseases

The risk increases multifold for people who smoke along with heavy alcohol consumption. Thus for the well-being of kidneys, one should limit the alcohol consumption and quit smoking wholly.

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  1. Do not compromise on sleep

A good night’s sleep is extremely important for the functioning of the overall human body, including the kidneys. Sleeping less than 7 hours creates a major risk of heart attack. Kidney function too is regulated by the sleep-wake cycle which helps coordinate the kidneys’ workload for the next day.

If reason behind your lack of sleep is stress, then it is advised to meditate or to see a doctor to find a solution to this problem.

  1. Avoid Over-the-Counter medications

Pain killers may help in alleviating the pain and aches but prolonged use of these medications may lead to kidney damage. If you have healthy kidneys and do not go over the recommended usage, then they may not pose damage to your kidneys, but if you take them for chronic pains then you should see your doctor for a kidney friendly alternative.

In a nutshell, all you need to do is take care of your body to have healthy kidneys. Avoid doing anything that may harm your body and do everything in your power that can help it remain fit. Eat healthy, exercise regularly and stay happy!

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How Kidney Specialist in Chandigarh will Help Your Kidneys Heal

When we face a medical condition in which our kidneys are not working properly, it certainly leads to stress and lot of concern. Here, if you contact a Kidney Specialist in Chandigarh, you can get not only a better understanding of your kidney’s health but also make sure that you have access to the treatment which is best suited for your overall health.

Hence, it is imperative that you understand how kidney specialist can help your kidneys heal so that you can reap the benefits of available medical treatments and services:

First of all, you need to know that there are two types of doctors or specialists that work on the kidneys- nephrologists and urologists.

Urologists are surgeons who remove cancers, stones of the kidney, urinary tract or bladder; while, Nephrologists focus on nephrology which is a branch of medicine that deals with kidney health. In simple terms, Nephrologists are the medical specialists of kidney that can help you optimize the functions of kidney.

In Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali, Zirakpur, Kharar & the surrounding areas; there are many specialists but it is imperative that you select the best Kidney Specialist, after verifying the credentials, as he/she can take proper care of your kidney health in the following ways:

By educating you about your urological health:

Kidney diseases emerge when the kidneys are damaged over time. In the beginning there are not severe symptoms and it generally becomes apparent only in advanced stages. Here, kidney specialist can catch the problem early and nip it in the bud by medication and lifestyle changes thus helping you to avoid further damage.

You will come to know about the various aspects of your lifestyle, eating habits and physiology that might lead to kidney problems. Not only this, you will come to know about the possible solutions if you seek experienced, well-qualified kidney doctor of a hospital having best facilities and infrastructure for better kidney care. If you are proactive while consulting kidney specialists you can surely enhance your urological health as well as general well being.

By doing thorough examination of kidneys:

A Kidney Doctor will make sure that your kidneys are functioning properly with the help of different tests like:

  • Urine examination to check the levels of waste, protein, hormones, minerals etc. Also, to look for blood or signs of inflammation.
  • Ultrasound to look for abnormalities in kidneys like kidney stones, kidney cysts etc.
  • CT Scan- It is series of x-ray pictures for in-depth study of the kidney.
  • Biopsy-when a small piece from kidney is removed to check the samples under microscope.

In Chandigarh, you can get these tests done from NABL accredited medical labs or from the hospital itself. Along with the medical history and other physical examination, the kidney disorder can be located. Once it is done then, the kidney doctor can suggest you the treatment option that includes medication as well as lifestyle changes so that you can improve your overall health.

By treating kidney problems or diseases:

If you are showing any sign of kidney disease or if your family doctor thinks that you have problems with your kidneys, you surely need the helping hand of Kidney Specialist.

Kidney doctors take care of different types of kidney diseases that can include:

  • Acute kidney injury or Acute kidney disease that is related to the condition of shock, dehydration, kidney problems due to surgery, inadequate drainage from urinary tract, bladder.
  • There can be a condition known as Nephrotic syndrome in which protein leaks into urine that lead to swelling in different parts of your body. In Chandigarh, it is a common kidney problem that needs expert advice and guidance.
  • Polycystic kidney disease happens when the fluid filled cysts grows in the kidneys. If they grow in size, they can lead to kidney damage. Such conditions can also be treated by kidney specialist.

By taking care of various physiological factors that affect kidneys:

Kidney diseases are related with other medical problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and infections. Here, the kidney doctors will manage the kidney problems by correcting the condition or preventing the worsening of the condition. They also try to manage the symptoms that are associated with kidney diseases like disturbances in the potassium levels, high blood pressure etc. The treatment plan tends to slow down or stop the problem. Hence, the kidney specialists not only focus on the kidney diseases but also other conditions like diabetes and high
blood pressure so that the healing of the kidney could take place at an optimum pace.

By providing complete care and support:

The late stages of kidney disease can lead to kidney failure, here the option of dialysis, kidney transplant can be recommended by the Kidney Doctor. In Chandigarh, you will be under their care and support system throughout the treatment and even during the recovery phrase if you have selected a reputed Kidney Hospital. Whether you want to consult them for kidney transplant, dialysis option or any other renal disease, kidney specialist is always ready to help you. If you also want to ensure that you are also in caring and protective hands when you seek kidney treatment for serious ailments then surely you need to make sure that you have selected kidney doctors of most reliable Kidney Hospital especially if you are located in Chandigarh or its nearby areas like Kharar, Mohali, Panchkula and Zirakpur.

By offering different options in Dialysis:

Kidney Specialist can guide you towards the best option when it comes to dialysis; whether you will require hemeodialysis in center, home hemeodialysis or peritoneal dialysis. The nephrologists and the care team can support you completely towards gaining better perspective as well as better treatment options. This certainly helps in providing a supportive environment around the patient which is certainly a crucial aspect of the healing process.

We at Healing Hospital have one of the finest and most experienced Kidney specialists to help you get world –class treatment options as well as gain insight into your urological health and well-being. We are sure to take care of your kidneys and overall health by offering supportive medical staff, state-of-the –art medical technology and facilities.


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Tips to Maintain Urological Health By Best Urologist in Chandigarh

Urologists in Chandigarh think that people don’t give priority to urological health when it comes to their general health and well-being. They are mostly focussed on physical fitness, taking care of their weight, nutrition or at the most, their heart’s health. But they tend to ignore a very crucial aspect of their wellness which is surely the urological health. If it is ignored for long then surely you are inviting serious issues and medical ailments accompanied with lot of pain, and discomfort. Urological diseases tend to affect many organs of body that includes kidney, ureters, bladder and urethra.

Thus, urological health is as important as any other aspect of your body.

Here are the tips given by best urologist in Chandigarh if you want to maintain good Urological health:

1) Drink plenty of water– Depending on the climatic conditions you should consume more than 3 litres of water. As you drink more water the urine will remove the waste or toxins from your body which is certainly great for your urological health as well as overall wellness. If you don’t drink enough water then the urine becomes concentrated which can lead to increased risk of bladder infections and kidney stones. It is also good to stay hydrated with you are in sun, doing exercises. It will prevent dehydration and ultimately your urological health will remain robust.

People who have infections or kidney stones are advised to drink 10 to 12 glasses of water every day. But you need to consult your urologist in Chandigarh if you have any other medical condition in which case it might not be advisable to increase the amount of water.

2) Don’t hold urine for too long– Listen to your bladder and don’t wait too long to urinate as overtime this habit can stretch your bladder. This
is not a good thing as it will lead to incomplete emptying of bladder, infections etc. Now this does not mean that you keep on rushing to the bathroom all the time. Also, when you urinate, make sure that you take enough time to completely empty your bladder.

3) Maintain good hygiene practices– You need to maintain good hygiene practices to prevent the risk of infections. This also includes using clean bathrooms especially in public places. In addition, Genital hygiene is very important and you need to keep your genital area clean by washing it every day.

4) Take care of your diet– You should take range of fruits and vegetable and make healthier food choices. If you have sensitive bladder, it is best to stay away from spicy and acidic food. It’s always important that you take bladder friendly food like bananas, nuts, eggs, beans and whole grains. Clear your diet of refined sugar and carbohydrates. It is best to stick to organic, healthy and wholesome diet for your urological well-being.

5) Stay away from caffeinated drink– If you want that your urological health should thrive then, you need to stay away from caffeinated drinks as they can irritate the bladder. In fact, they are diuretic which means you will urinate more than these drinks make urine. This will eventually leads to dehydration which is the root cause of kidney stones and infections of bladder. So don’t confuse drinking coffee, tea or cola as same as staying hydrated with water or natural fluids like fruit juices.

6) Check your salt intake– When you take lot of salt in your diet, it affects your kidneys. It has been observed that high sodium diet is linked with high blood pressure and if this is not controlled, it can harm kidneys and also increase the risk of developing kidney stones. You need to take care of hidden sodium in the processed foods like canned meats, soups and other packaged stuff like chips, breakfast cereals etc.

7) Maintain healthy weight– Obese or overweight people often experience more urological problems. A heavier abdomen tends to put extra pressure on urinary system. This also contributes to other medical conditions like diabetes, hypertensions and high cholesterol that further hamper your urological health. It is best to maintain a good level of physical activity. Sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise can weaken the muscles of your urinary system. Hence, you should stick to a balanced diet and exercising regularly to maintain healthy weight.

8) Strengthen your pelvic floor muscle– Kegel exercises are great way to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles which will in turn support your urinary system. Men especially are more interested in building biceps and they ignore this very crucial aspect of fitness training. The word of caution here- ‘you should start kegel exercises under the supervision of a physical trainer only.’

9) Stop smoking– Smoking is linked with many urological diseases like bladder and kidney cancer, kidney stones and urinary incontinence. You need to start taking concrete steps towards quitting from today. For that, you can contact urologist in Chandigarh to make a plan that will help you in the cessation of smoking and take you towards healthier life.

10) Share your concerns with your UrologistIn Chandigarh, you have easy access to one of the most experienced and qualified urologists. So feel free to contact them as Urological conditions can be a cause of concern for both men and women of all ages. You should always remain open about learning and improving your urological health. It is advisable to consult best urologist in Chandigarh and share your concerns. You should not be shy or feel embarrassed about seeking advice related to your urological problems.

It is high time that you take charge of your urological health by these healthy life choices. In case, you are facing any sign and symptom of urological pain or discomfort feel free to contact our highly experienced team of urologists in Chandigarh at Healing Hospital. We are always ready to offer best support, care and treatment for all kinds of urological problems.

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