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What is Colonoscopy?

In simple terms, Colonoscopy is an exam conducted to have a clear view of the of the large intestine (colon) and rectum. A specialist doctor can ask you to undergo Colonoscopy to check for inflamed or irritated tissues, polyps and cancer in the colon. The doctor can even take biopsies (tissue samples) during a Colonoscopy to be examined later.

Why is Colonoscopy done?

A Colonoscopy can be recommended to you by a specialist doctor under the following circumstances:

How do you prepare for Colonoscopy?

Your colon needs to be completely clean before the procedure of Colonoscopy. Therefore, you will be asked to follow certain steps by your specialist doctor so that the test can be conducted smoothly.

What is the Colonoscopy procedure?

What to expect after Colonoscopy?

What is the cost of Colonoscopy in Chandigarh?

The average cost of Colonoscopy in Chandigarh can range from 5000 INR to 50,000 INR depending on individual patients.

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What are the risks of Colonoscopy?

Some rare complications of Colonoscopy include:

  • – An adverse reaction to the sedative given before the examination.
  • – Bleeding at the place from where a tissue sample or biopsy has been taken.
  • – Bleeding can also occur when a polyp or any other abnormal tissue is removed.
  • – Perforation can happen in the colon or rectum wall.

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