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Diet Plan For Piles

Piles or hemorrhoids is a lifestyle disease that has become quite common nowadays due to unhealthy habits. In simple terms, piles are the blood vessels that get engorged or inflamed near the anus and rectum area. The affected person can feel a painful lump around the anal region. Other symptoms of hemorrhoids include painless bleeding during a bowel movement and itching around the anus.

The main cause of piles is excessive pressure on the veins situated around the anus or lower rectum. Apart from this, eating spicy and greasy foods coupled with an inactive lifestyle leads to piles. Remember to stay away from non-vegetarian food, caffeinated beverages and alcohol.


It is relatively easy to prevent hemorrhoids by following a suitable diet plan. A good diet plan for piles from Best Piles Hospital Chandigarh must include the following:

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  • Whole grains: Foods with a high fiber content such as whole grains, multi-grain bread, brown rice and oatmeal etc. should be included in your diet if you suffer from piles. Fiber-rich foods promote healthy bowel movements which in turn do not put pressure on the veins around the anus and rectum.
    Curd or buttermilk: Full of probiotics, curd and buttermilk provide the gut with good bacteria that improves digestive health. This helps is reducing the discomfort associated with piles.

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  • Leafy vegetables: Green leafy vegetables such as mustard greens, spinach and fenugreek contain high level of antioxidants and fiber. This helps in keeping your gut health in check.


  • Fresh fruits: Consuming fresh fruits promotes smooth bowel movement that can control the symptoms of piles. Include fresh fruits such as orange, apple and banana in your diet as this adds fibers and vitamins in your body.


  • Sprouts: Another effective method to treat piles is including sprouts in your diet. Rich in fiber, protein, vitamin C and calcium, sprouts are an excellent food source for piles. Always boil or steam sprouts to effectively treat the symptoms of piles. Make note that eating raw sprouts can have a negative impact and worsen the discomfort associated with hemorrhoids.


  • Water: All the dietary modifications work only if you consume a good amount of water throughout the day. Your water intake should be minimum 3 to 4 liters everyday so that your body can break down food easily and absorb the requisite nutrients. Water also helps to soften the stools and prevent constipation.


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