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Focus on Choosing the Correct Implant for Joint Replacement

Total hip replacement surgery and total knee replacement surgery are two of the most common surgeries. But they can still crash due to factors such as natural wear and tear, fracture or infection. Revision surgery has a lower success rate and a higher risk of complications. As a result, the objective is to extend the life of the first total joint replacement surgery.

This article will answer all of your queries about the implants ofjoint replacement surgery.


  1. Importance of Implant Choice
  2. Types of Knee Implants
  3. Materials used in Knee Implants
  4. Materials Used in Hip Implants
  5. When to Schedule Joint Replacement Surgery?

Importance of Implant Choice

If you’re considering joint replacement surgery, it is crucial to choose the appropriate implants. As a patient, you would be concerned whether your knee is being replaced with high-quality, long-lasting implant for obvious reasons, as your entire future depends on it. The implant and operation will determine the mobility and your daily duties of life ahead. 

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total knee replacement surgery in Chandigarh

Types of Knee Implants

The single radius knee implant is the most common form of knee implant used in operations because it provides maximum extension and flexion for the majority of patients, irrespective of gender, age, or degree of activity. 

Fixed bearing and mobile bearing are two other types of implants based on plastic insert latches into the tibial component. The plastic insert within the tibial component of fixed bearing implants is secured onto the metal tibial plate, whereas the plastic insert within the tibial component of mobile bearing implants can rotate inside the tibial tray.

Materials Used in Knee Implants

The majority of artificial knee implants are made up of durable plastic or ceramic. They can also be constructed entirely of metal or with a metal component mixed with plastic or ceramic. Cobalt-chromium alloys and titanium-cobalt mixed metals are the ones commonly utilised in knee implants. These metals are strong, flexible, and do not rust or react with the human body.

Cobalt-Chromium is a strong metal that is often used in the femoral component because the femoral component has a lot of traction, for which cobalt-chromium is the ideal option. Those with nickel allergies, however, should avoid this material.

Titanium-Cobalt is a soft and flexible metal that is gentle on the natural bone that surrounds the implant. It’s most commonly found in the tibial component, where the plastic insert is fitted.

Materials Used in Hip Implants

Most people who need a hip replacement have a traditional hip arthroplasty, in which the surgeon replaces the top section of the femur with a stemmed device and prosthetic head, and the acetabulum with a hemispherical shaped cup.

Metal (typically titanium), ceramic, and polyethylene are all viable materials for implants. Bearing surfaces where the femoral component of the implant contacts the acetabulum can be combined in three ways namely Metal or Ceramic-on-polyethylene, Metal-on-metal and Ceramic-on-ceramic.

When to Schedule Joint Replacement Surgery?

The timing of operation is a significant factor in predicting favourable results of the joint replacement. Patients should consider surgery when their injury or pain in the knee or hip is impacting their quality of life and they’ve exhausted all other options for treatment. 

There is always some risk connected with any surgery. But Healing Hospital Chandigarh is committed to the patient’s well-being and provides resolution to any implant-related issues that arise.

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