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What is a heart bypass surgery?

Also known as Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG), a heart bypass surgery is a medical procedure that involves treating blocked or narrowed arteries (coronary artery disease or CAD).

Coronary arteries supply oxygen-rich blood and nutrients to the heart muscles. CAD occurs when there is formation of plaque or fatty material within the walls of the arteries. This causes the arteries to shrink or become narrow and leads to hindrance in blood supply going to the heart muscles.

During the CABG procedure, healthy blood vessels are taken from other parts of the body and used to bypass the blocked artery. The grafts or blood vessels can be taken from veins in legs or arteries in the chest and wrist.

A bypass surgery is recommended by the cardiac specialist depending on the number of arteries blocked.

 What does the heart bypass surgery procedure involve?

What are the preparations required for a heart bypass surgery?

What to expect post heart bypass surgery?

How much time will it take to recover from a heart bypass surgery?

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Why do I need to undergo a heart bypass surgery?

You will need to undergo a heart bypass surgery under the following circumstances:

  • – Severe blockage in the left main coronary artery.
  • – One or more arteries are blocked and the left ventricle or the main pumping chamber in the heart is not working efficiently.
  • – You experience extreme pain in the chest while at rest or during light exercises.
  • – Your artery blockage cannot be treated with temporary treatments such as angioplasty.
  • – Your previous stent treatment has proven to be unsuccessful or the artery has plaque reformation.

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