How To Prevent Osteoporosis

Building strong bones is crucial to prevent osteoporosis and this needs to be done on a consistent basis. There are certain factors such as your age, sex and genes that can raise your risk of developing osteoporosis. However, you cannot alter these elements and therefore it is important to focus on what is in your control. 

Below is a list of certain steps that can be taken to prevent osteoporosis:

Exercise: Weight-bearing exercises are the best way to make your bones stronger. Some of these include: climbing up and down the stairs, jogging, aerobics, running, dancing, yoga and tennis or similar racket sports. Strength training is also essential to stay away from osteoporosis. When you exercise, your body becomes more flexible and this reduces the chances of a fall.


Good intake of calcium: Calcium deficiency is a big reason why your bones lose mass and become weak. Consumption of dairy products and green vegetables on a daily basis can help you get the requisite calcium for your body. Consult your orthopedist for a supplement if you are unable to get sufficient calcium from food sources. 

Sufficient intake of vitamin D: Vitamin D is also essential as it assists your body in absorbing the calcium you eat. Some common sources of vitamin D include fatty fishes, egg yolks and vitamin D fortified milks or juices.


Quit smoking and alcohol: Consumption of high amounts of alcohol can lead to excessive bone loss that can be detrimental for your health. Also, smoking regularly can put you at a higher risk of bone loss and fractures as it disrupts the working of estrogen in your body.

Reduce consumption of soft drinks: Carbonated soft drinks such as colas have been linked to bone loss as they contain high levels of phosphorus that inhibits absorption of calcium in the body.



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