Increase your Chances of having Normal Vaginal Delivery

Childbirth is the most magical time a woman experiences in her lifetime. There is nothing more miraculous than bringing a letter one looking just like you and your partner into your life. In today’s world, the number of cesarean sections is on a rise simply because the would-be mother and her family are too apprehensive. To achieve a normal delivery mother must be calm and stress-free. Believe it or not, a mother’s body is made to give birth normally. Here are some simple tips that can help with the same.

1. Pregnancy is not a disease. It is a normal phenomenon every woman goes through until and unless advised by the doctor you don’t need to go on bed rest.

2. Be Active: Go for a 30-minute walk daily. It builds your stamina and keeps you in shape.

3. Do Squats Daily: Close to your due date squats are very beneficial. It facilitates smooth and easy delivery. A medicine wall can be used for the same.

4. Sleep adequately and regularly have a daily routine. Only a person with a daily routine will be well-rested and calm for seamless labor. You should have seven hours of sleep at night.

5. Healthy Snacking: High calories food tends to put on the weight of the mother and the baby which makes labor difficult. Keep your snacks healthy and don’t put on excessive weight.

6. Stay upright/up and about during labor. Rather than lying down and pushing you can be in any position you like.

7. Practice Breathing Techniques: Breathing helps the woman to tolerate pain and also helps to relax her. It helps her to push better.

8. Discuss with the doctor. While you may have read a lot of blogs on labor and delivery discuss your birth plan with your doctor.

9. Have lots of water. Dehydration is one of the most important reasons for labor not progressive properly. Have lots of water when you are in labors.

10. Wisdom from the elderly at home: – What to follow and what not:  Fire the maid and start mopping the house   Have lots of ghee with milk and baby will come sliding down   Wait to visit your doctor till water breaks. Waiting to visit the doctor can be dangerous

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