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Infant Vaccinations: Importance, Schedule & Common Queries

Infant vaccinations play a vital role in early healthcare in India. The vaccines provide essential protection against life-threatening diseases and ensure a bright, disease-free future for young children. Here we will understand the importance of timely vaccinations, the recommended schedule, and address common queries that are vital for parents.


In Chandigarh, parents can rely on the expertise of the best pediatrician at Healing Hospital, including a female gynecologist in Chandigarh, who can offer expert guidance and care for their little ones. From the moment a child is born, the pediatrician provides invaluable support and advice on the vaccination journey.


At Healing Hospital, we understand the significance of vaccination in safeguarding children’s health and well-being. Our team of dedicated healthcare professionals ensures a smooth vaccination experience for children, making it a stress-free process for both parents and kids.


By following the recommended vaccination schedule and seeking guidance from a trusted pediatrician and female gynecologist in Chandigarh, parents can take proactive steps in protecting their child’s health and fostering a strong foundation for a healthy future. Vaccinations are a cornerstone of preventive healthcare, and ensuring timely administration can significantly contribute to a child’s overall well-being and development.


female gynecologist in Chandigarh

Importance of Infant Vaccinations


Infant vaccinations are a cornerstone of preventive healthcare. This is because they help build immunity against various diseases. These diseases can be severe or fatal for young children. These vaccinations expose the body to weakened or inactivated disease-causing agents. And prompt the immune system to produce antibodies to fight off infections. If the child encounters the actual disease in the future, their immune system will recognize it. And will respond swiftly, preventing severe illness.


During the first few years of a child’s life, they are particularly vulnerable to certain diseases like measles and whooping cough. By ensuring timely vaccinations, parents provide their children with the best possible protection. As this is a critical phase of development.


female gynecologist in Chandigarh

Vaccination Schedule in India


The Indian government, in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO), has formulated a comprehensive vaccination schedule to protect children from preventable diseases. The immunization program includes a series of vaccines administered at specific ages to maximize their effectiveness. Here’s a brief overview of common vaccines and their recommended ages:


Hepatitis B Vaccine-

Given at birth, 6 weeks, and 6 months.


Polio Vaccine (Oral and Injectable)-

Administered at 6, 10, and 14 weeks, with booster doses later.


Diphtheria, Pertussis, and Tetanus (DPT) Vaccine-

Given at 6, 10, and 14 weeks, with booster doses at 16-24 months and 5-6 years.


Haemophilus influenzae type B (Hib) Vaccine- 

Administered at 6, 10, and 14 weeks.


Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (PCV)-

Given at 6, 10, and 14 weeks, with a booster dose in the second year of life.


Rotavirus Vaccine-

Given at 6, 10, and 14 weeks.


Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) Vaccine-

Administered at 9-12 months and a booster dose at 15-18 months.


Varicella (Chickenpox) Vaccine-

Given at 1 year and a booster dose at 4-6 years.


Hepatitis A Vaccine-

Usually given at 1 year and a booster dose 6 months later.


Following this schedule is essential to provide the best protection for your child. For expert guidance, parents can consult the best pediatrician at Healing Hospital. We will address any concerns or queries about the vaccination process.


Common Queries about Infant Vaccinations


Are Vaccinations Safe for Infants?

Vaccinations are safe for infants. Before the approval of vaccines for use, experts conduct extensive research and rigorous testing. This testing is to ensure their safety and efficacy. The benefits of vaccination far outweigh the risks of mild and temporary side effects. These side effects are soreness at the injection site or mild fever.


Can we delay or skip vaccination?

Delaying or skipping vaccinations can leave infants vulnerable to serious diseases. It is crucial to adhere to the recommended schedule to ensure timely protection. The best pediatrician in Chandigarh at Healing Hospital can address any concerns. And they can create a suitable vaccination plan as well.


Do Vaccinations Cause Autism?

No, there is no scientific evidence supporting a link between vaccinations and autism. Many studies have debunked this myth, and major health organizations worldwide emphasize the safety and importance of vaccines.




Infant vaccinations are a fundamental aspect of preventive healthcare in India. They offer crucial protection against life-threatening diseases, ensuring maximum immunity during the early years of a child’s life. For parents in Chandigarh seeking expert guidance, Healing Hospital provides the best pediatrician, including ladies specialist doctors in Chandigarh.


At Healing Hospital, our team of dedicated healthcare professionals, including ladies specialist doctors, offers top-notch healthcare for little ones. We understand the importance of timely vaccinations and are here to address common queries and provide invaluable support to parents throughout their child’s vaccination journey.


By prioritizing vaccinations and collaborating with trusted healthcare professionals, parents can secure a healthier and brighter future for their children. The expert guidance of ladies specialist doctors in Chandigarh, along with the best pediatrician at Healing Hospital, ensures that children receive the right vaccinations at the right time, safeguarding their health and well-being.


Vaccinations play a pivotal role in preventing serious illnesses and fostering a strong foundation for a child’s growth and development. By staying proactive and adhering to the recommended vaccination schedule, parents in Chandigarh can take crucial steps in protecting their child’s health and ensuring a healthier, disease-free future.

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