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Almost everyone experiences knee pain at some point of time. Knee pain is so common because it is led by a number of unavoidable factors apart from other preventable causes. But at the same time, knee pain is also easily treatable.


In this article, we’ll discuss about the factors contributing to knee pain, causes behind knee pain, its prevention and knee pain treatment in Chandigarh.



1.      Factors Contributing to Knee Pain

2.      Causes of Knee Pain

3.      Prevention from Knee Pain

4.      Knee Pain Treatment in Chandigarh

Doctors For Knee Pain In Chandigarh 

Factors Contributing to Knee Pain


A number of common factors can contribute to knee pain as follows:

  • Age: Knee pain usually occurs with increasing age. It is common for joints to wear away after excessive use for so many years. Knee pain is very common after the age of 50 when the bone density and muscle efficiency decreases along with lack of physical activity.
  • Weight: Obesity is one of the most common causes of knee pain across the world. High body weight puts excessive strain on the joints of the body, which can even lead to dislocation.
  • Gender: According to many research studies, women are more likely to develop early knee pain in comparison with men. The primary reason for this is that women tend to have wider pelvises, which makes an injury more likely. Apart from this, some hormones in women also contribute to weaker leg muscles and ligaments.
  • Tobacco consumption: Smoking has been linked to loss of cartilage which can contribute to osteoarthritis.

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Causes of Knee Pain


  • Injuries: A knee injury can affect ligaments, tendons, bursae, bones, and cartilage. Some of the common knee injuries are ACL Injury, Fractures, Torn meniscus, Knee bursitis, and Patellar tendinitis.
  • Arthritis: Arthritis is one of the most common causes of knee pain. It is a chronic condition that causes inflammation and pain in the joints. There are more than 100 types of arthritis that affect the body. Some of the most common varieties of arthritis are Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gout, Septic Arthritis, and Post-traumatic Arthritis.
  • Meniscal tear: When a knee injury causes the cartilage to slit, it is called a meniscal tear. Cartilage is a tough and flexible tissue that covers the end of bones. Causes of meniscal tear can be a sudden twist or advancement of age.
  • Bone tumour: When cells divide abnormally and excessively, they can form a lump of tissue. This lump is called a tumour. Presence of bone tumour can lead to extreme knee pain and needs to be treated immediately.

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Prevention from Knee Pain


Although it is not always possible to prevent knee pain, some precautions may be taken to prevent knee pain as far as possible.

  • Maintain Healthy Weight: A healthy weight prevents the joints from bearing excessive weight which increases their life. Thus a healthy weight can prevent from osteoarthritis and other knee problems.
  • Exercise smartly: Some people are of the perception that the more you exercise the more will your knees stay fit. On the contrary, you should exercise only as much as your body can handle. If you feel pain in your knees while exercising, stop at that instant and give yourself a break.
  • Quit Smoking: As already mentioned above, smoking contributes to the wearing away of knee joints and can cause osteoarthritis. Therefore, you should quit smoking as soon as possible.
  • Use kneepads to prevent injury: If you play a sport or are indulged in an activity that involves a lot of kneeling, it is best to wear kneepads to prevent bursitis.
  • Do not forget to stretch: Stretching before and after physical activity can help prevent knee pain or pain in any joint to a great extent.


Knee Pain Treatment in Chandigarh


Knee pain can be caused by a variety of factors and causes as discussed. If your knee pain is causing you to change the way you live, it is time to visit your doctor. It is important to understand that you do not have to live with knee pain. Your orthopaedic doctor can provide you with the right kind of treatment to relieve your knee pain.


Treatment of Knee Pain begins with a diagnosis by the orthopaedic doctor through physical examination, imaging tests such as X-Ray, MRI, CT scan and Ultrasound, and Lab tests.


Treatment of Knee Pain depends on the cause of it. Depending on the cause, you may be treated through medications, physiotherapy, injections, or surgery. Nowadays, many doctors suggest Fast Track Knee Resurfacing for Knee Arthritis.


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