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Natural Childbirth: Should You Do It?

Pregnancy completely changes a woman’s life and it is her choice how she wants to bring her child into the world. But sometimes these choices may not be available to them depending on their health conditions. In this article we will learn all about what natural childbirth is, what you should expect from it, can you have a natural childbirth, and finally the benefits and risks associated with it.


What is Natural Childbirth?
What Should You Expect From Natural Childbirth?
Can You Choose a Natural Childbirth?
Benefits of Natural Childbirth
Risks of Natural Childbirth

What is Natural Childbirth?

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Natural Childbirth is vaginal labour and delivery with minimal or no medical/technological intervention, and usually involves special breathing and relaxation techniques to ease the pain. Many women choose natural childbirth to feel the entire process of birthing.

Natural delivery can be done at home, birthing centre or hospital, depending on the choice and safety of the mother. A doula or midwife or OB-GYN can be hired to help the mother through the pregnancy. 

Sometimes mothers also choose to give birth in a tub of warm water to ease the pain. They may also choose other birthing positions instead of lying down such as squatting, on all fours, or leaning against something.

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What Should You Expect From Natural Childbirth?

Natural Childbirth has its benefits and risks, as with all types of childbirths. If you opt for natural childbirth, you should be ready for the following:

  • You’ll go through labour and delivery without the help of any medications (which will also include pain relievers such as epidurals).
  • Few or no artificial medical interventions such as continuous foetal monitoring or episiotomies will be used.
  • Natural Childbirth will allow the mothers-to-be to lead their labour and delivery process in any way comfortable to them.

Can You Choose a Natural Childbirth?

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Natural Childbirth can be risky and may not be an option for the following types of pregnancies:

  • Mothers who are older than the age of 35
  • Mothers who consumed alcohol or drugs at any point in the time during their pregnancy
  • Mothers who have medical conditions such as diabetes, etc.
  • Mothers who are carrying more than one foetus
  • Mothers who have had C-Section in the past
  • Mothers with any other sort of high-risk pregnancy

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Benefits of Natural Childbirth

Every decision has its pros and cons and so does natural childbirth. The benefits of natural childbirth are given below:

  • Pushing may be more effective: In the absence of any pain-relieving medicine, you will not lose any sensation and may be able to push better.
  • Breastfeeding may be easier: There is a probability that you may have better success at breastfeeding because of immediate skin-to-skin contact. Studies have shown that skin-to-skin contact with the baby can have a positive impact on breastfeeding.
  • The baby may be able to bond with the birthing partner as well: In the case of natural childbirth, there is a high probability of mother having the company of her partner while birthing. This may strengthen the bond among the three of you even more.
  • You may be able to walk early: Since your body won’t be numb with the epidurals and medicines, you may be able to walk and move early after the childbirth.

Risks of Natural Childbirth

Before you make your decision regarding natural childbirth, you should consider the following factors:

  • You will feel EVERYTHING: Some women think that they can endure the pain but it becomes too much to handle. But this does not mean that you cannot do anything once you have made your decision. You can let your gynaecologist or practitioner know about your unbearable pain and ask for an epidural if it is possible at that time.
  • You may be at increased risk of complications: Home-births usually prove to be extremely risky as there is no hands-on healthcare in case of emergency and may lead to the worst situation. Therefore, if you decide to opt for natural childbirth, it is recommended that you go through with it in a birthing centre or a hospital, where you can be taken care of in case any complications arise.

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As far as the recovery is concerned, many mothers get fully recovered within six to eight weeks, but the recovery period generally varies for every individual. 

In a nutshell, it is your choice whether to proceed with natural birth or not unless you have a high-risk pregnancy. But you should educate yourself and discuss your wish of having natural childbirth with your partner and your gynaecologist. In this process, don’t forget to stay happy and take the best care of yourself.

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