Knee replacement surgery in delhi

Say Goodbye to Knee Pain: Options for Replacement Surgery in Delhi

Knee pain arising from injuries or chronic conditions like arthritis can significantly impact mobility and quality of life. When conservative treatments like medication, physiotherapy or injections fail to alleviate pain, total or partial knee replacement emerges as a definitive solution. As per estimates, over 1.5 lakh Knee replacement surgery in delhi are performed annually in India. Delhi, as a premier national hub for orthopaedic excellence, has state-of-the-art infrastructure and distinguished surgeons adept at complex joint replacement surgeries.

In this blog, we simplify the various spine specialist in chandigarh options now available, help identify ft 3d knee resurfacing in delhi along with insight on procedure costs, recovery and results. Read on to make an informed decision for bidding goodbye to nagging knee pain problems.

Understanding Knee Anatomy and Arthritis Pain

The knee comprises three key compartments – medial and lateral meniscus cartilage providing shock absorption along with patella bone and its cartilaginous surface behind the kneecap. Osteoarthritis involves progressive damage in this protective knee cartilage lining and underlying bone causing inflammation. Besides gradual wear and tear due to ageing, trauma, lifestyle issues or genetic reasons can also trigger arthritis pain.

When conservative treatments fail to ease stiffness and pain due to severe arthritis damage, knee replacement surgery may be an option to consider after thorough consultation.

Types of Knee Replacement Surgeries

Best spine surgeon in chandigarh offer options for total or partial knee replacement based on the exact arthritis location through expert assessment of reports, symptoms and joint examination.

Total Knee Replacement: Damaged cartilage and bone area across entire knee joint is resurfaced with metal and plastic components mimicking knee movement using precision implant positioning.

Partial Knee Replacement: Only the affected portion of knee viz medial/lateral side or kneecap compartment undergoes implant placement which may suffice especially for younger patients. Much smaller incision than total replacement.

Bilateral Knee Replacement: Both knee joints replacement done in single or staged surgeries for elderly patients with arthritis in both joints for faster mobility.

Robotic Knee Replacement: Software aided preoperative 3D CT planning allows the robotic arm to precisely execute knee implant placement eliminating human error and minimizing pain with faster recovery.

Recovery and Rehabilitation After Knee Replacement Surgery

With advanced pain management protocols, patients now start walking with support the very next day post knee replacement surgery. Physiotherapy focuses on gradually strengthening knee muscles, improving range of motion and gait training with walking aids minimising limp. Patients can drive and resume desk jobs within 10 days but strenuous activities may take 6 months based on healing, lifestyle modifications and doctor guidance.

Results After Knee Replacement Surgery

Nearly 95% patients experience significant improvement in chronic knee arthritis pain and mobility within 3-6 months of knee replacement surgery. For athletes or manual workers opting partial replacement at earlier stages derives better movement outcomes retaining greater joint functionality. With adequate precautions, physical therapy and follow ups, knee implants can last 15-25 years.

Knee replacement surgery in indore when deemed necessary based on clinical evaluation helps regain mobility and alleviates pain renewing quality of life. best spine doctor in chandigarh well versed in conventional to cutting edge approaches like robotic navigation allowing patients to bid goodbye to debilitating arthritis. State of art facilities, compassionate care offering excellent clinical outcomes position Delhi amongst India’s top destinations for advanced knee treatments.

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