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What is spinal surgery?

A spinal surgery is often the last resort offered by your specialist surgeon when all other non-invasive treatment options have failed to provide any relief from back pain. In simple terms, a spine surgery involves fixing the vertebral bones and spinal joints to provide relief from the stress on spinal nerves. The pressure on the spinal nerves can be due to many reasons such as herniated discs, bone spurs or even tumors

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What does the spinal surgery procedure involve?

Following are the various classifications of a spinal surgery:

Why do I need to undergo spinal surgery? 

You are a good candidate for a spine surgery if the following health issues are affecting you:

What to expect after spinal surgery?

It is crucial to follow your specialist spine surgery doctor’s advice after your procedure so as to prevent any problems in the future.

How much time will it take to completely recover from the spinal surgery?

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What are the preparations required before a spinal surgery?

  • – You need to make your home a safe zone before undergoing any kind of spine surgery.
  • – You will be advised not to bend or lift any heavy objects for several months after the spinal surgery.
  • – Modifying the toilet seat at home is imperative as you will have difficulty in getting on and off the toilet post-surgery.
  • – Keep all your daily usage items at an appropriate height before the surgery so that you don’t have to bend to reach out for anything.
  • – Arrange for a caregiver or a full-time cook before the surgery so that you don’t have to stand for long periods of time to prepare your meals as this can increase complications after the spinal surgery.

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