Is Dialysis Your Best Option?

The function of kidneys is to filter the blood by removing waste and excess fluid from the body. This waste is sent to the bladder to be eliminated through urine. Dialysis replaces the role of the kidneys when they are no longer functional. Dialysis is a procedure that uses a machine to process and purify the blood.

When your kidneys do not function at the optimum level, dialysis helps in keeping your fluids and electrolytes in check. Treatments like dialysis and kidney transplant are required in end-stage kidney disease. End-stage kidney failure occurs when the functions of kidneys reduce to around 10 to 15% of the normal functioning.

In the case of end-stage renal disease, dialysis is a life-saving procedure that can extend your life.

To understand if dialysis is the best option for you, you need to know what are the risks and alternatives of dialysis and how is life without it. Following is all the information you need to know by the best dialysis centre in Chandigarh:

dialysis centre in Chandigarh

Types of Dialysis

  1. Haemodialysis: Haemodialysis is a blood purification procedure that extracts wastes and excess fluid. It can be performed in a dialysis centre or at home. In this procedure, your blood is pumped through soft pipes to a dialysis system, where it passes through a special filter called a dialyzer. Your blood is returned to circulation after the process of filtration is complete.
  • Peritoneal dialysis: Peritoneal dialysis is a procedure that can be performed anywhere. However, it must be done on a regular basis. A catheter is inserted into the abdomen for this procedure. Peritoneal dialysis cleans the blood from inside your body rather than from outside.
  • Continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT): This treatment is usually used in the ICU for patients who are suffering from acute kidney failure.  Blood is pumped into tubes by a machine. The waste products and water are then removed by a filter. The blood, along with replacement fluid, is returned to the body. 

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Risks Associated with Dialysis

Disadvantages of Haemodialysis are as follows:

  • Anaemia can be caused by low blood pressure.
  • Itching, muscle cramps, and trouble sleeping are common discomforts.
  • Accumulation of high potassium levels in the blood.
  • Sudden cardiac death, caused by an irregular heartbeat, is the leading cause of death in dialysis patients.
  • When on dialysis, there could be restrictions on what you can eat and drink.

Disadvantages of Peritoneal dialysis are as follows:

  • Weakness in the abdominal muscles.
  • The dextrose in the dialysate causes a spike in blood sugar.
  • Weight gain is a common side effect.
  • Peritoneal dialysis can lead to problems like stomach ache, hernia and fever.
  • For people with diabetes, controlling blood glucose can be more difficult.
  • There is a risk of infection in the catheter.

Disadvantages of CRRT are as follows:

  • CRRT may lead to bleeding.
  • There are higher chances of hypothermia.
  • It can lower the blood pressure
  • It can disturb the electrolyte balance.
  • Renal regeneration is delayed.
  • Bones get to deteriorate.

Life without Dialysis

End-stage renal disease is a life-threatening condition. In such a case, dialysis can help you live longer and improve your quality of life. However, the benefits may not be as great for elderly people or those with multiple medical issues. Dialysis can be problematic due to factors such as advanced age, frailty, serious dementia, heart disease, or cancer.

If the life expectancy of the patient is short, dialysis can impair the quality of the remaining life.

Alternatives of Dialysis

There are other treatments or rather preventions that might be able to help you if you decide to not go for dialysis. Some of the prevention/alternatives are as follows:

  • Get an EPO injection once a week to help with anaemia control. The hormone erythropoietin (EPO) is released naturally in the body when the kidneys are functioning properly.
  • Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration.
  • Before taking any anti-inflammatory medications, such as ibuprofen or diclofenac, consult the doctor.
  • Maintain the right blood pressure level to help the kidneys last longer.

Apart from taking these precautions, a kidney transplant is another option. However, a kidney transplant can cause complications if the patient is overweight, suffering from a mental health condition or smokes and drinks alcohol heavily.

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6 Steps towards choosing the best dialysis centre in Chandigarh

When it comes to dialysis, it is very important that you should choose the right dialysis centre as this decision will play crucial role in your physical and emotional well being. You should also keep this fact in your mind that you will visit your dialysis centre few times every week continuously; so it should meet your needs as well as expectations, thoroughly. You should always stay proactive while searching for dialysis centre as there are tons of options available when it comes to choosing Dialysis Hospital in Chandigarh and its vicinity.

Here are the top 6 some steps to help you in finding best Kidney hospital in Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula for dialysis:

Step 1: Going through the range of Kidney specialists and hospitals

Here your mantra should be ‘Research well before you settle for the best one!’ You need to understand that kidney treatments especially dialysis is a long term process. There are many reputed Kidney hospitals available in Chandigarh that are offering impeccable yet different types of dialysis services. Here, you should search treatment options carefully and select one that is suitable with your current health condition. You can take help of Nephrologists at these Dialysis centres to find best treatment option. Afterwards, you need to select the suitable hospital that should support dialysis treatment.

Step 2: Check the location and convenience

While choosing centre for Dialysis in Chandigarh, you need to ensure that it should be located at accessible location and should not hamper your regular routine much. The most suitable advice in this case would be to seek the option of ‘Dialysis centre near me’ so as to know the availability around your locality. This can play an important pointer towards the most suitable Dialysis Hospital in Chandigarh for you.

Step 3: Opt for a tour of the Dialysis Centre

Taking tour of the Dialysis Centre is surely going to remove lot of your doubts. Checking the facilities, treatment rooms and other services will help you gain clarity as you can consider the pros and cons of the dialysis centre. You should also take along someone (your friend or family member) to gain better perspective and finally, to make sensible selection. You can get actual insight into your experience with the selected Dialysis Centre in Chandigarh. You should feel free to settle your queries and doubts, be as much vocal about your concerns as you want to be. In the end, you will be really grateful as it will help you to select the Best Kidney Hospital in Chandigarh.

Step 4: Availability of full time nephrologists

You are sure to have concerns regarding the nephrologists and their accessibility. Selecting the dialysis centre that has round the clock availability of kidney specialists and doctors are surely a sigh of relief for many. Moreover, you need to feel comfortable with the kidney specialist handing your case and other hospital staff as that will make treatment process easy and effective. Hence, never underestimate the importance of the experience and qualification of the Nephrologists for your condition. A well-qualified, friendly and caring staff can create tons of difference to your treatment outcome as well.

Step 5: Ensuring hygiene and service standards

You should always keep in mind that you can always demand for the highest hygiene and service standards especially when it comes to the medical conditions and its treatment. You should never settle for less! That’s why make sure that the Dialysis Centre you select in Chandigarh meet your every expectation.

Step 6: Considering the financial bottom-line

Finding a pocket-friendly dialysis centre is most important step as your dialysis treatment will be a long haul and you should have sufficient funds to support your treatment. Here, you can also take help of your selected hospital to know the treatment options that are suitable with your case, its frequency and charges. Feel free to compare and weigh all the aspects so that you don’t regret the decision you make pertaining to the renal treatments and cures.

There is no doubt that kidney problems can take a toll not only on the physical but emotional and financial well-being of a person also. Henceforth, it is necessary that you have access to qualified and experienced nephrologists to make sure that you avail accurate diagnosis, effective treatment and complete recovery from your ailment. We at Healing Hospital are always ready to provide patient-centric, world- class treatments especially in terms of dialysis. Our Nephrology department is endowed with Chandigarh’s most sought-after, competent and experienced kidney specialists and doctors. It’s time that you make the most intelligent and sensible decision regarding your wellbeing.

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Kidney Transplant: Treatment & Recovery

Kidney transplant doctors and specialists in Chandigarh utilize demonstrated developments to effectively treat individuals with kidney failure and complexities of diabetes and different infections. They work with every person in the best dialysis centre in Chandigarh to create medicines explicitly for that individual, utilizing a blend of insignificantly obtrusive medical procedure, new meds to forestall organ dismissal and particular techniques. 

What happens in kidney transplant recovery? 

Individuals who get a kidney from a living giver as a rule have less kidney transplant complications than do the individuals who get a kidney from a perished benefactor. 

Kidney transplant’s success rate is high in the best dialysis centre in Chandigarh since specialists and medical caretakers screen the condition to watch and forestall any indications of intricacies. 

The new kidney will make pee like your own kidneys did when they were sound. Regularly this begins right away. In different cases, it might take a few days, and you may require transitory dialysis from the best dialysis centre in Chandigarh until your new kidneys start to work appropriately. 

What to do and not to do after the kidney transplant methodology? 

  • No lifting objects gauging more than 4kgs or practice other than strolling until the injury has mended.
  • Have frequent checkups as you keep recouping 
  • Take blood tests a few times each week at first and have your meds balanced in the weeks following your transplant as proposed by the nephrologists 
  • Take meds called immunosuppressants (hostile to dismissal medications)to help shield your invulnerable framework from dismissing your new kidney 
  • Extra medications help diminish the danger of other kidney transplant difficulties, for example, contamination, after your transplant 
  • Carefully no smoking and drinking 

Heart Disease & Kidney Transplant

Individuals with kidney transplants are at more serious hazard for heart disease. Smoking, diabetes, overweight, hypertension, elevated cholesterol and blood lipids all can influence your kidneys and your heart 

How to remain healthy after kidney transplant? 

  • Weight control including customary exercise 
  • A low salt eating routine 
  • Pulse meds: Check your circulatory strain as coordinated by the transplant group. The objective circulatory strain for individuals in the wake of experiencing a kidney transplant system is under 130/80 
  • Since weight increase after a kidney transplant is regular because of drug symptoms, keep up an eating routine as coordinated by the specialists and dietician. 
  • Follow-up visits to check progress on dealing with your eating regimen or if changes are required 

The best dialysis centre in Chandigarh obliges patients at each phase of kidney infection. We endeavor to give the highest caliber of care while supporting patients adapt to their condition. Our specialists are continually progressing in the direction of advances in kidney care. We treat a wide range of kidney infections including diabetes hypertension, some acquired kidney ailments and kidney disappointment needing fake help/dialysis. 

Why to Choose the Best Dialysis Centre in Chandigarh? 

Nephrology is the part of clinical science that manages kidney and the changed sorts of infections emerging from it. The best dialysis centre in Chandigarh manages the total range of ceaseless and intense kidney maladies going from dialysis to intense kidney failure treatment. The kidneys are maybe one of the significant organs of the human body. Any issue or complexity that impedes smooth working of the kidneys influences the whole body and makes fine living troublesome. 

Subsequently, it is of most extreme significance to choose a decent dialysis centre in Chandigarh at any rate with regards to nephrology. Healing Hospital is one of the most noticeable names for nephrology all around Chandigarh and tricity. With the unmatched nature of treatment, care and administration the group have slowly made us a broadly acclaimed Nephrology hospital in Chandigarh. Healing Hospital’s department with the most experienced and prepared Kidney Specialist in Chandigarh with best attempts to fix patients at all phases of kidney malady. 

dialysis centre in Chandigarh

Here’s the reason you ought to pick the best dialysis centre in Chandigarh

Kidney Specialist in Chandigarh: Our group of experienced and prepared nephrologists and urologists has been perceived for its quick determination and quicker treatment while keeping up the nature of treatment. The group has been acknowledged on numerous occasions for its clinical abilities and for conveying first class treatment to patients of all age gathering, kids to grown-up. Developed with the best blend of transplant authorities, nephrologists, specialized specialists and urologists; the group executes life-sparing medical procedures immaculately making us a standout amongst other best dialysis centre in Chandigarh.

Top notch framework and administration: Healing Hospital has the most development diagnostics, start to finish pre-employable assessment and dialysis support. Additionally, post-usable consideration is concentrated on avoiding all extent of disease. The careful or non-surgeries are executed with the most recent tech-empowered offices to guarantee the best result. 

Care and sympathy: Patients battling with kidney illnesses regularly should be given an unrivaled degree of care, expectation, inspiration and direction. Our group’s push to accomplish positive results frequently includes exercises to ingrain inspiration and expectation in the heart and mind of the considerable number of patients. Patient’s solace and care is constantly given the preeminent need while rendering the administrations. 

Numerous administrations at one spot: Healing Hospital has after some time become a famous best dialysis centre in Chandigarh in light of the assortment and nature of administrations conveyed. From peritoneal to haemodialysis, nighttime dialysis to SLED and CRRT, we give everything to the children and grown-ups. With numerous effective cases, the Healing Hospital’s nephrology department is viewed as a pro in different sorts. 

Day in and Day out administrations: We at Healing Hospital intend to turn into a Kidney Hospital in Chandigarh that renders continuous consideration and treatment. With day in and day out ICU benefits and nonstop crisis administrations, we are the most reliable goal for each flighty snapshot of disorder. 

So for anybody searching for the best Dialysis centre near me, allude them to the best hospital in Chandigarh and we guarantee to be their accomplice in this excursion of treatment and recovery.