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What is Tubal ligation?

One of the permanent methods of birth control or female sterilization includes tubal ligation. The word ‘tubal’ refers to the fallopian tubes and ‘ligation’ means to tie off or cut-off. In simple terms, tubal ligation is a surgical process to permanently close the fallopian tubes. This eventually stops the fertilization of egg and sperm further preventing implantation. Tubal ligation can be done as a separate procedure or you can opt for the surgery right after childbirth.

How is tubal ligation done?

Tubal ligation is a surgical procedure and is mostly done in an outpatient clinic, which means you can go back home the same day and don’t have to stay in the hospital. But when it is done following a delivery, you might have to stay back in the hospital as decided by your gynecologist. The surgery can last for about 30 minutes.

During the process of tubal ligation, you will be administered general anesthesia. Afterwards, a minor cut will be made in the abdomen walls, near the belly button, so that a small laparoscope can be put inside the body. The fallopian tubes are then cut apart after which the incision is closed.

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How to prepare for tubal ligation surgery?

Once the decision to undergo tubal ligation has been finalized by your specialist doctor and you, there are certain preparations that need to be done pre-surgery.

What to expect post-tubal ligation surgery?

If you feel any serious symptoms or get high fever, get in touch with the best gynecologist in Chandigarh at the Healing hospital.

How much time will it take to resume normal activities after tubal ligation?

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Why do I need to undergo tubal ligation?

Tubal ligation is a good option for you under the following circumstances:

  • – If you are sure that you do not want to ever conceive.
  • – If you have a genetic disorder that you do not want to pass onto your child, in case you get pregnant by any chance.
  • – If getting pregnant will put you in a life-threatening position as far as your health is concerned.
  • – Since tubal ligation is a permanent procedure, you do not have to worry about getting pregnant in the future.

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