Piles Treatment in Chandigarh

Understanding Piles: Causes, Symptoms, and Management

Piles, a disease also known as hemorrhoids, is found commonly in most of the population. These swollen blood vessels in the rectum and anus can cause discomfort and pain. Healing Hospital, a premier destination for Piles Treatment in Chandigarh, is one of the best hospitals addressing this condition. The Healing Hospital offers comprehensive care and management options for people dealing with piles. In this blog, we will delve deep into the causes, symptoms, and management of hemorrhoids. Furthermore, we will highlight the exceptional Piles Treatment In Chandigarh provided by the Healing Hospital to its patients.

Piles Treatment in Chandigarh

Causes of Piles

Piles can be caused by various factors. Understanding their causes is important for effective management of the disease. Some common causes include:

Straining during Bowel Movements

Constipation and excessive straining during bowel movements can lead to increased pressure on the blood vessels in the rectal area. This causes them to swell and become piles.

Chronic Diarrhea

Prolonged episodes of diarrhea can also contribute to the development of piles. This happens due to the irritation and pressure exerted on the anal area.


Pregnant women are more susceptible to piles. This is due to the increased pressure on the pelvic region, hormonal changes, and constipation often experienced during pregnancy.


Being overweight or obese can increase the pressure on the pelvic area, leading to piles.

Sedentary Lifestyle

Lack of physical activity and prolonged sitting can impede blood circulation in the anal area, increasing the risk of piles.

Piles Treatment in Chandigarh

Symptoms of Piles

Recognizing the symptoms of piles is vital for timely intervention. Common symptoms include:

Pain and Discomfort

Piles can cause pain and discomfort, especially during bowel movements. This pain can range from mild to severe, depending on the size and severity of the piles.


Bright red blood on the toilet paper or in the toilet bowl after a bowel movement is a common symptom of piles. This bleeding is usually painless. But it occurs due to the rupturing of blood vessels.

Itching and Irritation

The area around the anus may become itchy and irritated, leading to discomfort.


Piles can protrude from the anus, causing a lump or swelling. These may need to be manually pushed back inside.

Mucus Discharge

Some individuals with piles may experience a mucus discharge after bowel movements.

Management at the Healing Hospital

When dealing with piles, seeking professional medical attention is essential. The Healing Hospital is the best in Chandigarh, and offers a comprehensive approach to managing piles:

Medical Consultation

The Healing Hospital has a team of experienced gastroenterologists who specialize in the treatment of piles. The team conducts thorough evaluation to determine the severity and appropriate course of action.

Lifestyle Modifications

The hospital knows the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. That is why patients are asked to do regular exercise and a high-fiber diet to prevent and manage piles.


Mild cases of piles can often be managed with medications that relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and alleviate itching.

Surgical Intervention

In rare cases where conservative treatments are ineffective, surgical options like hemorrhoidectomy are recommended. The Healing Hospital’s skilled surgeons perform such surgeries with accuracy and care.

In a Nutshell 

Dealing with Piles can be uncomfortable and distressing for a person. But with proper Piles Treatment In Chandigarh, care, and management, individuals can find relief and improve their quality of life. The Healing Hospital, renowned for its excellence as the best hospital in Chandigarh, specializes in Piles Treatment In Chandigarh and provides comprehensive and compassionate care for individuals dealing with piles. By addressing the causes, recognizing symptoms, and seeking timely medical attention from the experts at the Healing Hospital, patients can effectively manage piles and experience relief from discomfort.

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