What Are Signs Of Gastrointestinal Problems

What Are Signs Of Gastrointestinal Problems?

Gastrointestinal problems are one of the most common health issues prevalent nowadays. However, most of the gastrointestinal diseases are easily preventable and can be treated well if detected at the right time. 


There are certain signs or symptoms of gastrointestinal problems that you should not ignore. These are:


  • Inflammation in the abdomen region: You are likely to have a swollen belly if you have abnormal tissue growth or an infection in your intestines. Swelling is generally accompanied by excessive cramping in the stomach, loss of appetite and trouble in passing stools or gas.



  • Pain in the bellybutton: This could be a sign of Pelvic inflammatory disease or UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). The patient feels a dull ache or pressure in the bellybutton accompanied by a fever or burning sensation while passing urine. There is also a chance that you could be suffering from Appendicitis. So get in touch with Healing Hospital, the best gastroenterology hospital in Chandigarh, to get the requisite treatment for your gastrointestinal problems. 



  • Blood in stools: Call your doctor straight away if you see blood on the toilet wipe after you pass stools. There can be many reasons for this including: Haemorrhoids, Colon Cancer, Colon Polyps or Colitis.



  • Black stools: A common symptom of bleeding in the upper portion of your GI tract can be seen in the form of very dark or black stools. However, it is important to note that iron supplements or black liquorice can also make your stools darker in colour. Visit Healing Hospital, the best gastroenterology hospital in Chandigarh to determine the exact cause.



  • Pain in the lower right belly: If you experience sudden pain in the lower right side of your belly, there are high chances that you are suffering from Appendicitis. The pain radiates from an inflamed appendix and mostly starts from the bellybutton till it reaches the right side and becomes unbearable.



  • Persistent diarrhoea: Diarrhoea caused by a stomach virus subsides in a week or two. However, it is a sign of some other gastrointestinal problem if you have constant diarrhoea that refuses to go away. You could be suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), or a food allergy, an infection or maybe even a thyroid disorder.



  • Cramping in stomach: If you experience pain or discomfort right after eating, it could be a symptom of Crohn’s disease. The cramps get worse when the disease is active as there is inflammation in the digestive tract. Cramping can be accompanied by several other symptoms such as weight loss, loose stools and joint pain etc.



  • Blood in vomit: This could be assign of stomach ulcer or a sore in the lining of your upper intestine. Apart from blood in the vomit, you can also feel a burning or aching pain in the chest that goes away after taking an antacid. 



It is essential not to undermine any symptoms as this could make your gastrointestinal problems far more worse. Get an appointment at the best gastroenterology hospital in Chandigarh.



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