10 Top things to avoid during the first trimester

Motherhood is one of the greatest blessings of a woman’s life. The feeling of joy and gratefulness surpasses every other emotion that one has felt ever before. Motherhood and being pregnant comes with a huge responsibility as well.

The first trimester is considered very crucial for both mother and child. The mother’s body takes its major shift towards creating a baby inside her while the baby in the womb grows at its fastest pace during this period. Hence, it is of paramount importance to take care of your body if you are pregnant especially in the first trimester.

Here we have compiled the top 10 things that you should strictly avoid during the first trimester to make way for a healthy pregnancy:

1. Say NO to smoking and alcohol – If you are a smoker or consume alcohol then there are high chances of facing miscarriage during the first trimester. There are consequences of smoking and drinking on pregnancy such as low birth weight, premature delivery, and issues in baby growth, sudden infant death syndrome, fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, brain damage, stillbirth, and many other medical conditions. So make sure that you have got rid of smoking and alcohol consumption before planning your pregnancy. If you are facing problem in quitting and need expert guidance to plan healthy pregnancy as well as normal delivery, then feel free to contact our mother and child care hospital in Chandigarh at https://healinghospital.co.in/mother-and-child-care-hospital-in-chandigarh/

2. Avoid some food options– There are few food items that can make a serious impact on your pregnancy, so you need to make sure that you are avoiding them.

  • Raw meat is big ‘NO’ – Don’t indulge in sushi, salami, etc. during pregnancy. Raw meat contains risks such as salmonella virus that could affect your health as well as the fetus. They also are very heavy on your stomach so it can cause constipation and gastric issues. In fact, raw meat contains bacteria such as listeria that can easily penetrate the placenta and infect developing baby/babies.
  • Undercooked seafood – If you are a seafood lover, then it is a must that you should only opt for a perfectly cooked meal. Most of the oysters, mussels, and clams have toxic elements and if they are not prepared by the experienced chef or are undercooked then they could lead to serious issues. Miscarriage is also possible due to high toxic levels in undercooked or raw seafood.
  • Fish with high mercury level – Most of the doctors suggest that pregnant women should add fish in their diet but you should make sure that you are avoiding fishes that contain a high level of mercury. Therefore, consult experts to know what type of fish is safe for consumption during pregnancy. You can also consult or raise your query with our experienced nutritionist and dieticians of our maternity hospital at https://healing2.tarefadesigning.com/mother-and-child-care-hospital-in-chandigarh/
  • Raw eggs – Eggs can be very nutritious food items but you should avoid eating raw eggs during your pregnancy. It can contain the salmonella virus that can make a serious impact on your developing baby and to your health. So make sure to eat only cooked eggs during your pregnancy.
  • Unpasteurized dairy products – Unpasteurized dairy products can contain listeria that could cause serious health issues such as vomiting, diarrhea, etc. which can adversely affect the growth of the fetus. You can read more about post-pregnancy diet here https://healinghospital.co.in/postpartum-diet-all-you-need-to-know-about-eating-for-two/  

3. Avoiding caffeine is a wise choice – Caffeine is a diuretic and stimulant. A cup of coffee can easily increase blood pressure, heart rate as well as reduces the water level of your body. Caffeine can also cross the placenta so it can also impact the fetus especially while developing metabolism. That is why you should only consume a moderate level of caffeine that ranges from 100 to 300 mg to minimize the effect. Make sure that you are avoiding sodas, chocolates, and other things that contain caffeine. Read more about pregnancy diet here https://healinghospital.co.in/diet-during-first-pregnancy-healing-hospital-chandigarh/

4. Avoid medications as much as possible – If you have any health issues that can be treated using natural remedies then you should avoid medicines. It is proven that most of the medicines are harmful to the fetus. That is why you should avoid medication and if it is necessary to have medication then take the help of your doctor. You can also consult our team of expert doctors, best gynecologists in Chandigarh at https://healinghospital.co.in/mother-and-child-care-hospital-in-chandigarh/

5. Don’t paint your baby room yourself – Don’t let the sentimentality overrule your better judgment. Modern paints contain a high level of toxins and it is important that you should reduce exposure to paint and paint materials as much as possible.

6. Avoid stress and unwarranted advice – Stress can have a detrimental effect on the health of the mother and child, so does the unsolicited advice that keeps on coming your way when you are pregnant. Hence, you need to stay clear of these to make sure that you progress happily in your pregnancy. If you require reliable and expert medical advice related to pregnancy, get to know the about our experienced mother and child care team at https://healinghospital.co.in/mother-and-child-care-hospital-in-chandigarh/


7. Don’t wear platforms, wedges, or stilettos – If you love high heeled footwear then it is time to change your choices. Platforms and other high-heels can cause swollen ankles. Your center of gravity will also change to due belly growth and wearing high heels can be dangerous. So, avoiding such footwear is a wise decision and also you will find life more comfortable in flip-flops.

8. Don’t stand or sit for long periods – Sitting or standing for too long can lead to swollen ankles and vein problems. You should avoid this and should take short breaks in between like moving for some time, putting cushions under your legs while lying down. You can also read our post about maintaining a healthy weight during pregnancy at https://healinghospital.co.in/maintaining-a-healthy-weight-during-pregnancy-5-simple-steps/

9. Avoid sauna or hot tub bath – If you are feeling pain in your body then having a hot bath or sauna may seem like an amazing relaxing option. You should avoid such a thing as relaxing in a hot bath or sauna will elevate the body temperature of the fetus as well which is not ideal in the first trimester. It can lead to birth defects in baby so certainly, you should avoid this.

10. Maintain distance from your pets – As we all know that our pets can introduce different bacteria and allergies so it is advised to stay away from them especially during the first trimester of your pregnancy.

At Healing Hospital, we offer maternity services in a holistic manner which also includes taking care of your diet, health, and medical conditions. We are one of the reputed and best maternity hospitals in Chandigarh & catering extensively to the needs of expectant mothers in Mohali, Kharar, Panchkula, Zirakpur, etc.  We are always ready to guide and support you throughout your pregnancy. You can know the details of our affordable, single- priced baby delivery package through https://healinghospital.co.in/mother-and-child-care-hospital-in-chandigarh/

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