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Pregnancy can bring a lot of mixed feelings in your life as you are happy for becoming a mother as well as cautious about things that could harm your baby. You must understand that it is perfectly natural to feel this way.

First month of pregnancy is considered very crucial. In the first week, the fertilization takes place followed by the implementation of the zygote into the wall of the uterus (womb) to draw the nutrition. In the third and the fourth week, the heart begins to beat.

Ultrasound during this period will confirm that you are pregnant and following are the common symptoms that mark the first month of pregnancy:

  • Stopping of menstrual period
  • Mood swings
  • Soreness in breasts
  • Feeling of tiredness
  • Increase in the frequency of urination
  • Morning sickness
  • Heart burn
  • Backache
  • Increased appetite

With all these symptoms, your body will also start to change as you start feeling bloated, your breasts increase in size to start the process of lactation accompanied by extreme fatigue and dizziness.

Here are the 10 ways to take care during the first month of pregnancy:

Contact your family doctor:

You might have confirmed your pregnancy by a home test with a pregnancy kit; still it is important to pay a visit to the doctor for confirmation and expert guidance. It is as simple as you visit doctor for regular check-up and give some blood and urine samples.

From now on, you will require regular medical care as well as detail screening of your pregnancy which will help in monitoring the development of the baby. If you want to ensure that your pregnancy is fully supervised by experienced and friendly doctor then you can contact our maternity hospital, that extensively caters to the interests of would-be-mother and child, by clicking at https://healinghospital.co.in/mother-and-child-care-hospital-in-chandigarh/

Start having a healthy diet:

Healthy and nutritious diet has an immense impact on the health of the mother and child. The pregnant women requires a lot of nutrients for baby’s growth and development. You can read in detail the diet during pregnancy here https://healinghospital.co.in/diet-during-first-pregnancy-healing-hospital-chandigarh/

Seek relevant information:

There are many substances that are harmful during pregnancy (caffeine, alcohol etc.) and these elements can be a hidden part of your diet. So you should start reading the labels or best stick to homemade food.

You should also avoid using household cleaners as they contain toxic elements. Similarly, you should not have very hot or showers and avoid medications without consulting the doctor. You can read more about the things that you need to avoid during the first month of pregnancy here https://healinghospital.co.in/10-top-things-to-avoid-during-the-first-trimester/

Exercise is essential for your and baby’s health:

You should pay attention to your fitness as only a strong mother can give birth to a healthy baby. You need to find some exercises that work for pregnant women such as walking. Swimming is also considered as the best exercise for pregnant women.

It is also important to add exercise in your daily routine as it will help you in overcoming mood swings, excessive weight (which is common in pregnancy), pain etc. and spend few hours of the day in healthy and happy way.

Get expert help from your Gynecologist:

If you have any doubts about your pregnancy then don’t hold yourself and contact your doctor soonest. Detecting the problem in the early stages can be very crucial for you and your baby’s condition.

Remember, only doctor can give up-to-date advice that can help you in your issue. You can also contact our highly experienced and qualified gynecologist in Chandigarh by clicking at https://healinghospital.co.in/mother-and-child-care-hospital-in-chandigarh/

Learn about danger signs:

These are some danger signs that should never be ignored during pregnancy like vaginal bleeding, high fever, severe headache etc. These are also infections that are common during pregnancy.

Yeast infection in the vaginal area, also known as vaginal candidiasis is quite common in the pregnant women. This is due to the high estrogen and glycogen levels in vaginal secretion and as well as decreased immunity during pregnancy. You can read about our post on high risk pregnancy here https://healinghospital.co.in/7-practical-tips-for-managing-a-high-risk-pregnancy-healing-hospital-chandigarh/

Regular Naps are must:

Fatigue is a common area of concern in the first month of pregnancy. It happens because your body is working rigorously to produce placenta that will protect your baby from infections and bacteria. So, if you feel like you need extra sleep, then don’t hesitate to take naps at regular intervals.

Don’t ignore the Health supplements:

There are many health supplements available for pregnant women that can help you in recovering your energies and also fulfill your daily required nutrients. Folic acid, calcium, Vitamin D and Iron are the most common supplements required in the pregnancy. You need to make sure that you are using supplements that are prescribed by your gynecologist to avoid any confusion.

Enjoy your pregnancy:

Many women think that pregnancy is a burden that will drain their energies. Yes, complications and miscarriages are common in first trimester but giving yourself away to panic and stress is also not the solution.

You should focus on proper measures to avoid the medical complication and maintain healthy lifestyle to complete your pregnancy safely. By selecting a reputed and prestigious maternity hospital with a team of qualified gynecologists, dieticians and specialists can help you immensely in ensuring a joyful pregnancy. You can find mor information about our maternity services here https://healinghospital.co.in/mother-and-child-care-hospital-in-chandigarh/

Have positive attitude:

You must have a strong and positive attitude to complete your nine month long pregnancy journey. You must understand the fact that it is marathon, so you need to prepare yourself, ardently so that you finish it with a trophy in your hands-yes, your lovely baby!

Healing Hospital is constantly paving way for normal, healthy and natural pregnancy and baby delivery. We ensure that you have access to expert medical help round the clock and guidance when it comes to your pregnancy. To make an appointment contact us at https://healinghospital.co.in/mother-and-child-care-hospital-in-chandigarh/


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