Advanced Laser Treatment for Piles in Chandigarh

Advanced Laser Treatment for Piles – No Fear of Stitches

Piles or Hemorrhoids is a condition in which swollen veins develop inside the anus or around it. It is extremely painful and can be potentially very dangerous too. People tend to shy away from this condition and stay in pain for years without getting any treatment. But this mindset needs to be changed and people should get themselves the right treatment right away. In this article we’ll discuss the symptoms of piles, its first line of treatment and about laser treatment for piles.


  1. Symptoms of Piles
  2. First Line of Treatment
  3. Laser Treatment for Piles
  4. Benefits of Laser Treatment
  5. Final Note

Symptoms of Piles

  1. Area around the anus is itchy, sore and red.
  2. A discomforting pain is experienced while passing stool.
  3. Appearance of blood is found in stool.
  4. Bowels remain full for a long time.
  5. A painful lump containing coagulated blood appears around the anus.

First Line of Treatment

Initial treatment of Piles can be done through medications, ayurvedic treatment and lifestyle changes (changes in physical activities and diet). Doctors usually recommend avoiding processed foods and including a diet full of fiber to reduce constipation. Intake of foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, etc. is encouraged. Another important thing that should be taken care of is to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated all the time. To soothe the pain and itching, the patient can apply petroleum jelly or any other gel/cream prescribed, apply cold packs and take warm baths among other ways of treatment. 

A word of disclaimer: This treatment is not applicable to severe case of piles. This is applicable only for the initial stage or when the symptoms start to present themselves. In case of severe condition, the only recommendation is to consult the doctor. Find the best Piles Doctor in Chandigarh here-

Laser Treatment for Piles

Often the definitive treatment for piles is surgery. The piles surgery has a reputation of being extremely painful as it includes cutting tissues in the affected area, multiple stitches and recurring visits to the clinic even after the successful surgery. But with the advancement of technology, this surface of piles surgery has changed completely. Stapled piles surgery is now done for large piles with comparatively less pain and discomfort. The other even better treatment for hemorrhoids is Laser treatment. In this kind of treatment, no tissues need to be cut and the condition is treated only with the use of laser energy. As there are no cuts and stitches, this surgery involves no pain. Through laser treatment, the surgeon can focus only on the tissues that need to be treated, leaving the healthy tissues untouched and undisturbed. 

Benefits of Laser Treatment

  1. First and foremost, laser hemorrhoid surgery includes no cuts and stitches.
  2. Laser treatment involves no or very less bleeding. 
  3. In comparison with other traditional forms of treatment, laser treatment is much safer.
  4. General anesthesia is not required for this procedure.
  5. This surgery is completed within minutes (about 30 minutes).
  6. The recovery from laser treatment is very quick.
  7. The patient can be discharged on the same day of the surgery.
  8. The patient does not find an urgency to rush to the toilet right after the treatment.
  9. The patient can return to their normal life within a day or two.
  10. The patient can get back to their normal diet just after 4 hours of the surgery.
  11. After the surgery is completed, there is no need for recurring hospital visits.
  12. There is no risk of rectal stenosis after laser treatment.
  13. The post-operative pain is way less in comparison with other treatment procedures. In fact, many patients describe it as more of a burning tolerable feeling instead of pain.
  14. Laser surgery is easier for the surgeon to perform as well, which ultimately makes it better for the patient.

Final Note

Majority cases of piles can be treated with medication, ayurvedic treatment and changes in the lifestyle without any surgery. But the remaining cases have no other choice but to get a surgery to get healed. But piles surgery is no more a haunted story, and its treatment can be done within a matter of minutes. Laser piles surgery is safer than any other way of treating piles and it is encouraged that both men and women come forward to get themselves treated before the situations worsen. There are many hospitals that take special care in treating women so that they don’t feel uncomfortable and receive the best possible treatment. Click on the link to find the best Laser Treatment for Piles in Chandigarh

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