Bone pain muscle pain joint pain

Bone, Muscle, and Joint Pain: Causes and Symptoms

Pain in the human body may be categorized in two parts- serious or non-serious. It is important to identify the problem behind this pain in order to lead an active and stress-free life. In this article, we’ll understand what bone, muscle and joint pain are, their causes and their symptoms.


What is Bone Pain?
What are the causes of Bone Pain?
What are the symptoms of Bone Pain?
What is Muscle Pain?
What are the causes of Muscle Pain?
What are the symptoms of Muscle Pain?
What is Joint Pain?
What are the causes of Joint Pain?
What are the symptoms of Joint Pain?
When should you see a doctor?

What is Bone Pain?

Bone pain muscle pain joint pain

Bone pain can be stated as extreme discomfort and aches in one or more bones of the body. These are not as common as muscle or joint pain and usually persist regardless of the fact if there is a movement or not.

What are the causes of Bone Pain?

  • Injury: Injury is one of the most common causes of bone pain. Any damage to the bone, whether it is a fracture or breakage may lead to severe bone pain.
  • Infection: Osteomyelitis is a condition in which inflammation is caused by an infection which originates or spreads in the bones. This infection can harm the bone cells and cause severe bone pain.
  • Leukemia: Leukemia is a cancer of blood-forming tissues, which includes the bone marrow. People with this disease often experience severe bone pain.
  • Nutritional deficiency: Bones requires various vitamins and minerals such as calcium and Vitamin D to stay strong. Deficiency of these nutrients can make the bones weak, ultimately leading to osteoporosis.
  • Cancer: Bone pain is one of the most common symptoms of bone cancer. Although it is rare, one should not take the occurrence of it lightly and should get checked if bone pain is severe.
  • Other Diseases: Diseases which are not related to bones can also cause damage. For example, anemia can disrupt the blood supply to the bone which can cause severe damage to the bone tissues.

What are the symptoms of Bone Pain?

Any sort of discomfort experienced in the bone while in motion can be one of the first symptoms of bone pain. Besides this, the symptoms of bone pain mostly vary with the cause of it. Some common problem areas or symptoms include swelling, visible deformities, cramps, fatigue, back pain, joint pain, redness, etc.

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What is Muscle Pain?

Unlike bone pains, muscle pains are very common since muscles are practically in every part of the body. Muscle pain can be understood as mild or severe soreness and aching in the muscles.

What are the causes of Muscle Pain?

Some of the common causes of muscle pain include:

  • Injuries in the muscles caused by physically strenuous activities
  • Overdoing workout or exercise
  • Skipping warm-ups and cool-downs
  • Prolonged sitting or lying down
  • Deficiency of Vitamin D and calcium in muscles (which can lead to hypocalcaemia)
  • Not getting proper hydration
  • Deficiency of sleep

What are the symptoms of muscle pain?

The seriousness of muscle pain depends on the severity of discomfort. To identify when to see a doctor, some symptoms as follows need to be kept in mind so that corrective actions can be taken in time:

  • Stiffness and weakness in the area
  • Fatigue
  • Fever
  • Redness and Swelling
  • Rashes
  • Difficulty in breathing

Symptoms such as high fever or difficulty in breathing require immediate medical attention and should be neglected at no cost.

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What is Joint Pain?

Joint pain can be stated as physical discomfort experienced at the place where two bones meet. This place where two bones meet is called a joint. Shoulders, knees, elbows, hips come under this category.

Just like muscle pains, joint pains are also common and do not require a hospital visit in most cases.

What are the causes of Joint pain?

Bone pain muscle pain joint pain

Joint pain can be caused by a variety of factors. It may be the result of an accident or a sports injury, or can simply occur through repeated use over time. Some of the causes that can lead to joint pain are as follows:

  • Arthritis forms- Osteoarthritis (OA), Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) or Gout.
  • Physical injury
  • Infections such as influenza, hepatitis, etc.
  • Bone Cancer
  • Osteoporosis
  • Rickets

What are the symptoms of Joint Pain?

Joint pains may not be serious but we cannot say this with surety until we know its cause. Booking a doctor’s appointment is advised if you are unaware of the cause of your joint pain. Some of the common symptoms of joint pain are given below:

  • Aching when the joint is in motion or at rest
  • Limited range of movement
  • Stiffness in the affected area
  • Swelling, warmth and redness
  • Not being able to do routine activities

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When should you see a doctor?

Bone Pain, Muscle Pain and Joint Pain may or may not be serious. Since muscle and joint pains are common problems which may arise from daily activities, they may not require a hospital visit unless the symptoms are severe or unusual (such as fever and difficulty in breathing). 

Bone pain on the other hand is a rare kind of ache, and hence a hospital visit is recommended to get the X-Ray, CT scan or MRI done to diagnose the problem.

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