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Appendicitis: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment In Chandigarh

Appendix is located in human body, at the end of large intestine which is small tube like structure with no discernible function. Patients with appendicitis face inflammation usually due to bacteria blockages. India, it is very rare problem with less than 1% people facing such medical situation.

Identifying Appendicitis is very difficult for any person as its symptoms are very vague and much common such as nausea, fever, loss of appetite etc. but you can expect to have appendicitis if you have chronic pain in the gastro vascular region. People also face confusion about appendicitis with urinary tract infection, gallbladder problems and gastritis etc. as the symptoms are quite similar.      

What are the causes of appendicitis? 

According to experts, there are many causes that can lead to appendicitis and most of them are unknown. Here are commonly known causes that can lead to appendicitis –

  • Tumors – It is one of the most common problems as they block the appendix that leads to appendicitis.
  • Enlarged lymphoid follicles can also create appendicitis 
  • Abdominal trauma is also considered as a cause of appendicitis

If there is blockage in the appendicular tube then it helps in bacteria breeding that may result in the formation of harmful fluids (pus) that adds excessive pressure on appendix. This condition will cause lot of pain in the lower side of the stomach. 

Here are the symptoms that are common among people who are suffering for appendicitis –

  • People experience severe pain around bellybutton 
  • There can be loss of appetite due to appendicitis
  • High Fever is also a sign  
  • Diarrhea or constipation for long time-period is also a common sign 
  • Nausea with fever is also common among people suffering from appendicitis
  • People also face serious pain during urination 
  • Inability to pass gas is also a common symptom 

What are the treatment options for appendicitis? 

Appendicitis Treatment is easy but you have to go through an appendectomy surgery as that is only way to treat this medical ailment. Appendix removal becomes necessary after appendicitis as that helps in reducing lot of other complications.

 If appendix is ruptured then it becomes necessary to opt for immediate surgery. In case, appendix has not burst then accumulated fluid and blockage is removed using latest equipment and afterwards surgery is done. 

There are two types of surgeries that can be opted to treat appendicitis –

  • Conventional surgery – If appendix has ruptured then it becomes necessary to remove the entire cavity caused by such situation as that could create other complications in no time. For this, surgeon makes large incision so that the entire abdominal cavity can be removed easily and thoroughly. Appendicitis Surgery is also helpful for people who have tumors in their digestive system

  • Laparoscopy –Laparoscopy commonly known as minimally invasive surgery or keyhole/ Band-Aid surgery is used for avoiding large incision that require long time to recover. In this procedure, surgeon use very thin tube (laparoscope) that consists of a tiny camera with its own lighting inside abdomen.

In Northern India especially in the areas of Delhi, Chandigarh etc the Laparoscopic Appendicitis Surgery is very popular among people. This is due to its many advantages such as precise results, need of very small incision, minimal blood loss, quick recovery and insignificant scarring.

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How can you prevent appendicitis?

It is easy to prevent appendicitis. It is important to opt for good dietary intake with routine ingredients that helps in digesting food quickly. 

You can add food items that have good amount of fiber such as:

  • Oats are helpful for digestion and bowel function 
  • Wheat gram contains high amount of fiber
  • Cereal mix is also good option for balance diet 
  • Whole wheat flour or bread
  • Fresh fruits are tasty and great for digestion process 
  • Brown rice has many other health benefits along with great fiber properties 

Here are foods that you should avoid to prevent appendicitis –

  • Avoiding alcohol in any form is must, if you want to avoid appendicitis
  • Fatty and Fried foods are heavy on digestive system and can irritate the entire digestion process 
  • You need to reduce cakes, pastries and other sugary food items from your diet

Appendicitis can be cured easily at the initial stage so it becomes necessary that you should opt for preventive medical check-up done by expert doctors. Always remember this that timely check-up can help you in saving yourself from lot of pain and money that is required for treating appendicitis in later stages. 

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