Tips on How to Avoid Miscarriages

how to avoid miscarriages tips by best gynaecologist in chandigarh

A miscarriage is a pregnancy that ends unexpectedly in the early weeks or months. In most cases, a miscarriage cannot be prevented and the factors that cause it are unavoidable. In very rare situations, doctors are able to find out an issue which can be dealt with. In this article, you’ll find a list of all the Dos and Don’ts for a healthy pregnancy, thus avoiding a miscarriage.


  1. Schedule a preconception visit
  2. Say no to drugs, smoking and alcohol consumption
  3. Let the stress go
  4. No more excessive exercise
  5. Have a balanced diet
  6. Avoid eating these
  7. Go for regular checkups
  8. Practice safe sex
  9. Winding up

Schedule a Preconception Visit

If you are not pregnant yet, it is advised that you schedule a preconception visit with a gynecologist. This will benefit you as you’ll have a prior knowledge about any complications that your pregnancy may have by taking a look at your medical history and conducting various tests. A cure can be found in time if a problem is found at an early stage. Visit the link below to learn about our services as one of the best gynecology hospitals in Chandigarh

how to avoid miscarriages tips by best gynaecologist in chandigarh

Say No to Drugs, Smoking and Alcohol Consumption

Needless to say that drugs, smoking and alcohol are extremely harmful for your baby in pregnancy and can increase the chances of your regrets of a miscarriage. It is strongly advised that you forget about these harmful substances, for at least your pregnancy time for a healthy and successful child birth.

how to avoid miscarriages tips by best gynaecologist in chandigarh

Let the stress go!

According to a study, women who stay happy and relaxed throughout their pregnancy are 60% less likely to experience a miscarriage in comparison with women who stay stressed in their pregnancy. So try to accommodate your mind into something that you really enjoy. Happy mother equals to a healthy baby!

No more excessive exercise

Moderation is the key. A routine and light exercise does not harm the baby in any manner. In fact, most doctors advice doing exercise and staying active throughout the pregnancy. But lifting weights, doing strength training and hard core exercises are not at all recommended. Sports which can lead to injuries too are off limits during pregnancy.

Have a Balanced diet

Along with your prenatal vitamins, it is highly recommended that you take a proper balanced diet. Remember that there is no replacement for food. Eat all your veggies, fruits and staple for a healthy pregnancy. Giving into your cravings is not too harmful unless declined specifically by your gynecologist. Caffeine should be consumed as little as possible. Doctors recommend a maximum intake of 200 mg per day. 

Avoid eating these

Even though there is little evidence but you should still avoid eating Papaya, raw eggs, smoked seafood, animal liver, uncooked meat, unpasteurized milk, drumstick, sprouted potato, Aloe Vera, and pineapple. In case of any doubts whatsoever, you should always consult your gynecologist. Find some of the best gynecologists in Panchkula here-

Go for regular checkups

Regular health checkups help in uncovering any complications in pregnancy or any health problems that may arise. Regular checkups help in keeping high BP, diabetes, sexually transmitted diseases or any kind of problems in check. A selection of the best gynecologists in Mohali, Chandigarh and Panchkula can be found in Healing hospital. Our doctors are friendly and are recommended by many for our prenatal care. Visit the link to learn more: 

Practice Safe Sex

This may sound odd for a pregnant couple but it is usually advised that safe sex be practiced to avoid any sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis, etc. even at the time of pregnancy. Anyone who is sexually active is at the risk of contracting STDs. Therefore couples are advised to get themselves checked before they try to conceive. If you are pregnant already, get tested as soon as possible. In case of a complicated pregnancy, there are many high risk pregnancy hospitals in Chandigarh that will help you deliver a healthy child. Complicated pregnancies are not uncommon and hence there is nothing to worry about. Stay happy, feel good and keep up with the support of your partner.

Winding Up

In most cases, a miscarriage cannot be prevented. It is mostly the result of a chromosomal abnormality that prevents the proper growth of the baby. Therefore, it is no one’s fault and no one is to be blamed. All you can do is take care of yourself by eating good, staying hydrated, being active and happy.

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