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Motherhood is a great blessing and if you are first time expectant mother, then surely your mind will be filled with various notions regarding c-section or cesarean delivery and normal delivery. Well as you know there are only two ways to give birth to a baby- Normal delivery and Cesarean
delivery. Whatever situation may be, doctors always try their best to make sure that a healthy baby is born without any complications.

The most crucial aspect that is considered whether it would be a normal delivery or cesarean is mother’s health. In order to make sure that the delivery is carried on with minimum risks, doctors at Healing Hospital Chandigarh, choose between Caesarean section and normal delivery depending upon the mother’s health conditions. Then, the other factors are considered like baby’s health, position in the womb etc. Here, regular check-ups helps in deciding that in what way delivery would be done.

We are going to discuss the risks and benefits of both of these options so that you have clear understanding of them:

Normal Delivery

Generally, Normal deliveries should be the norm and caesarean an exception. It is fact that women giving birth opting vaginal delivery feel more natural, exactly the way the Mother Nature intended. Here, the choice of Maternity Hospital and their precedence also plays a crucial role as your chances of giving normal birth is more in a place where you feel comfortable and has experienced doctors to assist the birth. You can read our post on how you can increase your chances of normal delivery by clicking here: https://healinghospital.co.in/increase-your-chances-of-having-normal-vaginal-delivery/

Benefits of Normal Delivery

  1. Shorter hospital stay – Usually in Chandigarh, new mothers are discharged from the hospital within 25 to 50 hours and that is considerably a very less time as compared with the caesarean section delivery. In addition to this, if a woman feels comfortable then she may be discharged by the hospital staff even earlier than 24 hours.
  2. Quick recovery – Vaginal birth requires less time as compared with caesarean section and that is the main reason why people prefer it the most.
  3. Avoid risks – There are other major things associated with caesarean section such as scarring, infections, reactions, severe bleeding etc. that can be avoided completely by opting for normal delivery.
  4. Quick reunion with baby – In normal delivery, mother can meet her new born much quicker as compared with caesarean section. It means that mother can give lifesaver breast milk to baby way earlier.
  5. Less breathing issues – In normal delivery, new born can easily squeeze out fluid found in their lungs that helps them in avoiding breathing problem at birth. In fact, such babies also receive quick dose of good bacteria while travelling through mother’s birth canal that helps in protecting intestinal tracts and boost their immune system.
  6. Cost is less – The normal delivery charges or cost in mother and child care hospitals in Chandigarh is considerably less when it is compared with c-section delivery.

If you are also looking for the Best Maternity Hospital in Chandigarh, that believes and has proven itself to make the best efforts for promoting natural childbirth, then you may feel free to visit the services and know the normal delivery charges, by clicking on: https://healinghospital.co.in/mother-and-child-care-hospital-in-chandigarh/.

Risks of Normal Delivery

  1. Injury to pelvic muscle and bowel function – In vaginal delivery, excessive skin and tissues stretch can tear during the foetus moving through the birth canal. If this is severe then, it can bring lot of impact on bowel function and pelvic muscle that helps in controlling urine.
  2. Pain in the Perineum – Women also experience lingering pain in the perineum (area between vagina and anus) which is more common in vaginal delivery compared with caesarean section.
  3. Chances of bruised scalp or fractured collarbone – If a baby has large size and vaginal delivery is carried on, then in that case, there are major chances of serious injuries including fractured collarbone and bruised scalp.

Cesarean Delivery

If mother has high blood pressure, diabetic history then doctors will suggest caesarean section over normal delivery. In fact, in case there is High risk pregnancy then surely cesarean delivery in hospital is recommended.

The main drawback that people consider is that the baby delivery charges of c-section in hospitals in Chandigarh are significantly higher than the normal delivery charges. However, if you proactively seek an affordable yet trusted and best hospital for baby delivery then surely you can make a considerable difference in the whole experience of giving birth to a baby with lesser financial strains. You can read about the factors to consider while selecting the right maternity hospital click here: https://healinghospital.co.in/12-easy-steps-to-pick-the-best-maternity-hospital-in-chandigarh-mohali-panchkula/

Benefits of Caesarean Delivery

  1. More convenient option – Caesarean section helps in pre-planning the baby birth as mother don’t have to bother the stress of unpredictability as it happens during normal delivery. It is convenient and predictable option so mother doesn’t have to worry about too many things.
  2. Avoid long painful labour – Mother can also choose caesarean section if she has a history of complicated vaginal delivery or she want to avoid pain that is related with normal delivery.
  3.  Can be life saving in emergency – In rare cases, caesarean section can be required on emergency basis because the condition of baby or mother or both are in life threatening situation. It could occur due to previous medical history of mother or labour is happening at slow pace or baby is not getting sufficient air during vaginal delivery.
  4. To avoid passing of infections – When mother has infections (like AIDS, Genital Herpes etc.) that she could pass on to the new born, then also Caesarean section is considered to be best for the well-being of the baby.
  5. Only alternative in some special situations – Caesarean section is also required when baby size is very big as compared to the mother’s pelvis or baby is not in head down (normal) position i.e. the baby is in breech position not in cephalic. Similarly, if twin babies or multiples are expected then it is best to choose Caesarean section as pain during normal delivery can lead to complications, such as fatigue that could bring threat to other baby or babies’ life.

Risks of Cesarean Delivery:

  1. Long hospital stay – Mother that has opted for caesarean section has to stay in her preferred mother and child care hospital for days or weeks in most cases.
  2. More physical complaints – Mother can feel lot of pain after anaesthesia is flushed from the body. In addition to this; infection at the incision site is very common along with long-lasting soreness.
  3. Risk of blood loss – During surgery, there is major chance of heavy blood loss.
  4. Damage to bowel or bladder – While making incision, it can damage the bladder or bowel depending on the mother’s situation.
  5. Less chances of early breast-feeding – Normally, mothers who have chosen caesarean section don’t get the chance to breastfeed their baby earlier as compared with vaginal delivery.
  6. C-section for subsequent deliveries – One of the most important facts that people should know before choosing caesarean section is that if it is done for first-time birth then most probably it is required in future pregnancies.

There is no denying that caesarean section is considered safe and most of time lifesaving option; there are many risks present in caesarean section as compared with vaginal birth. It is because entire woman abdomen is required to open along with removal of baby from uterus. In such case, infections and miscalculations can lead to fatal situations for both mother and infant.

Here, you can make sure that you have selected the best and most trusted mother and child care hospital so that you can minimise the risks of cesarean delivery. We at Healing Hospital offer one of the most supportive, experienced and well-qualified medical staff along with superior infrastructure and single fixed-price affordable baby delivery packages to make birthing process a good experience for you. Click here: https://healinghospital.co.in/mother-and-child-care-hospital-in-chandigarh/ to make an appointment.


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