Facts we need to know about Brain Tumours

A brain tumour is a condition that can occur in people of any age or gender. Although the complete genetics behind brain tumours are still not fully understandable, below is a list of certain facts that we need to know.

All brain tumours are not cancerous: Some of the brain tumours are benign and do not cause any harm. These tumours are basically masses of cells that affect the structural tissue of the brain.

Primary brain cancer is uncommon: Primary malignant brain tumour cases are few and far between. In fact, it is the secondary brain tumours that are prevalent. This means that the tumours have spread from other body parts (lungs, breasts, kidneys, intestines or stomach) to the brain.

Mobile phones do not cause brain tumour: In case you are concerned about the possible connection between mobile phones and cancer, it is best to limit your usage. However, there is no concrete evidence as of now that mobile phones can cause brain tumours.

Cause of brain tumours is unknown: Although there is no single definitive cause of brain tumour, there are certain risk factors that increase the possibility of developing one. These factors include: age, genetic disorders (Von Hippel-Lindau disease, Neurofibromatosis), exposure to radiation therapy etc.

Brain tumours are divided into 4 grades: A tumour is classified based on the severity and abnormality of the cells. These are:
Grade 1: Cells are generally benign and have a slow growth.
Grade 2: Cells are slightly abnormal and the tumour slowly spreads to other tissues.
Grade 3: Cells are abnormal and the tumours grows rapidly.
Grade 4: The cancer cells spread aggressively and the tumour can even cause death.


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