Fertility treatments offer a ray of hope for couples who have been trying to conceive but remain unsuccessful. Two most common procedures that can assist couples in having a child are IUI (intrauterine insemination) and IVF (in-vitro fertilization)

The process of IUI involves placing the sperm directly inside the uterus using a speculum. On the other hand, the process of IVF is performed by surgically removing the eggs from the female and fertilizing them outside in a lab setting.
Certain tests will be recommended by your fertility specialist before arriving at a conclusion regarding which of the two options is best for you. There are certain differences between IUI and IVF treatment which you need to be aware of. These are listed below:

IUI is a less invasive procedure: As mentioned above, the process involves placing the washed sperm directly inside the woman’s uterus. This is done while the woman is in her fertile window of her cycle. IUI can be done as a part of your normal cycle or in combination with medications to increase the success rate. It is less invasive as compared to IVF.

IUI is not for everyone: While IUI is the first line of treatment for couples who are having trouble in conceiving, it is not recommended in many cases. For issues such as extreme male infertility, IUI failure or blocked fallopian tubes, it is generally recommended that you undergo IVF.

IVF procedure involves multiple steps: IVF treatment is a slightly lengthier process as compared to IUI. The steps include:

Lab tests before start of the menstrual cycle.

Stimulation of the ovaries to produce multiple eggs during a cycle.

Retrieval of eggs from the ovaries.

Fertilization of eggs in the laboratory.

Transfer of the embryos inside the uterus.

Difference in costs: There is a huge difference when it comes to comparing the costs of the IUI and IVF procedures. In general, a single cycle of IUI might cost anywhere between 15-20,000 INR. It is important to note that you might need to undergo multiple cycles if you are unable to conceive in the first cycle.
On the other hand, a single cycle of IVF can cost anywhere between 70k to 1,25,000 INR. The above mentioned costs can vary from one hospital to another.
IVF has a higher success rate: Although an IVF cycle is costly and physically more demanding, it has a higher success rate and increased possibility of conception. However, chances of conceiving greatly depend on the partners’ medical history and age.


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