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Healthy Tips from an Orthopaedic Doctor in Chandigarh

Orthopaedic problems can have a significant effect on life. Untreated bone and joint disorders can cause pain, injury, and even prevent you from participating in everyday activities.

Here are a few tips from the best ortho doctor in Chandigarh which can help you avoid orthopaedic issues and maintain good bone and joint health for your future life.

1. Do not forget to exercise
2. Eat right
3. Pay attention to your posture
4. Take care of your orthopaedic health while shopping
5. Strong core muscles to the rescue
6. Get regular check-ups
7. Keep an eye out for aches and pains
  1. Do not forget to exercise: Obesity is related to developing the risk of osteoarthritis. Excess weight places more strain on the joints, weakening muscles and increasing the risk of injury.

Daily exercise is important for maintaining healthy bones and joints and preventing most injuries. However, it is important to understand that you should exercise only as per your abilities. Overexertion can do more harm than good to the body.

Lifting heavy weights or engaging in high-impact cardio can place undue strain on the joints. Light exercise even for 15 minutes every day can contribute considerably to your orthopaedic health.

  • Eat right: To improve your orthopaedic health, improving your diet is crucial. The trick to effectively improving your diet is to integrate nutrition into your daily food. Calcium and Vitamin D are essential nutrients for maintaining orthopaedic health.

These nutrients can be found in foods like dairy products, eggs, broccoli, pumpkin, spinach, tofu, carrot, cauliflower, fish, etc. Getting adequate sunlight is also vital for adding Vitamin D to your diet. You may also take calcium and vitamin D supplements for accumulating these nutrients into your diet.

  • Pay attention to your posture: We have been taught the importance of good posture since childhood. Rightly so, the way you handle your body has a big effect on whether or not your joints can stay pain-free.

Pay attention to your standing and sitting posture as a wrong posture can affect your life considerably. When picking up things, use your legs rather than your lower back to avoid back pain. By paying attention to minor details as these, you can strengthen your orthopaedic health for the future.

Book an appointment with the best ortho doctor in Chandigarh:

  • Take care of your orthopaedic health while shopping: When you go shopping, it is important to pay attention to your orthopaedic health while buying things such as shoes, clothes, bags, and even products like mattresses and pillows among other things.

It is important to wear supportive footwear for the right alignment. Women who wear high heels on a daily basis are more likely to experience back and knee pain. Also, clothing that is too tight can limit flexibility and circulation. When shopping for suitcases and bags, buy either large bags which have wheels, or buy smaller bags for improved posture and spine alignment.

Shopping here is not restricted strictly to fashion. Your mattress and pillows should also get special attention as a night of good sleep is essential for overall orthopaedic wellbeing.

  • Strong core muscles to the rescue: Strong core muscles aid in body weight balance. Yoga and Pilates are two excellent core-strengthening and orthopaedic-health-promoting exercises.

However, do not forget to stretch while doing Yoga, Pilates or other exercises. Stretching is crucial for maintaining flexibility, improving efficiency, and reducing stress injuries such as sprains and strains.

  • Get regular check-ups: Seeing an ortho doctor once a year is a perfect way to get ahead on your orthopaedic health. This is particularly significant for senior citizens, who are more prone to problems such as arthritis and accidents.

You can also discuss your doubts and get additional preventive steps to protect your orthopaedic and general health on the day of your appointment with the orthopaedic doctor.

  • Keep an eye out for aches and pains: If you notice any pain or any changes in your bone or joint health, apply ice to the swelling, rest thoroughly, and book an appointment with the best ortho doctor in Chandigarh.

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