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Pregnancy in the Time of a Pandemic

Pregnancy is a stressful time for every woman. However, women expecting good news are concerned now more than ever about the possibility of getting infected in their pregnancy due to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.

This is keeping expecting mothers anxious with many questions regarding the possibility of the virus impacting them or their unborn child.

Many people are unsure if they should conceive during the time of the pandemic, scared of what the future holds for the world. However, if you ask the best gynaecologist in Chandigarh, there are no right or wrong responses when it comes to deciding to become pregnant.

Here are some things that you need to know if you choose to conceive during the pandemic.

1. Diagnosis of COVID-19 in Pregnancy
2. Treatment of COVID-19 in Pregnant Women
3. Precautions to be taken in Pregnancy
4. Perks of Getting Pregnant in Pandemic  

Diagnosis of COVID-19 in Pregnancy

COVID-19 can be diagnosed on the basis of symptoms, testing, and imaging. The procedures mentioned below are recommended for pregnant women who are suspected of having COVID-19:

Symptoms of COVID-19 in pregnancy:

According to recent research, the most common symptoms of COVID-19 in pregnant women are fever and cough. However, with the double mutant virus in the picture, many women have experienced several other symptoms such as headache, body pain, and sore throat, as well. Pregnant women who have any such symptoms or have had contact with suspected or confirmed cases should seek COVID-19 testing immediately.


The real-time reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction test (RTPCR test) is the most widely used diagnostic tool.


Gynaecologists perform low-dose chest CT on pregnant women suspected of COVID-19. Even if the RTPCR is negative, CT can help find the virus in the body, if there is any.

Treatment of COVID-19 in Pregnant Women

COVID-19 patients who are pregnant should eat a balanced nutritious diet with plenty of fruits and get ample rest to keep their immunity boosted. Vital signs, symptoms and chest imaging must all be monitored. It is also important to receive oxygen therapy via a nasal catheter or mask.

However, patients with irregular vital signs, shock, organ failures, or rapidly advanced pulmonary lesions in a short period should be referred to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Patients with respiratory failure or low FiO2 are given mechanical ventilation. Where necessary, continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT), or other high-level supportive therapy should be considered. In extreme pregnant patients, these therapies have been shown to be successful.

Precautions to be taken in Pregnancy

Whether you’re pregnant or planning to conceive, you should be extra cautious about COVID-19 prevention. Instead of socialising physically, avoid big crowds and opt for video calls. If you have guests, wear a mask, keep a distance of at least six feet between you and them and also ask them to wear a mask and wash their hands when they arrive.

Along with this, pregnant women should not miss prenatal or postpartum appointments so that diagnosis can be done on time.

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Perks of Getting Pregnant in Pandemic

With all this scary information about symptoms, treatment and prevention, let us not forget that there are also certain advantages of the pandemic for pregnant women. While you may have your own list of reliefs, some of the perks are as follows:

  1. More time to rest: Working pregnant women often get lesser time to rest than they are required to. With the pandemic out there, most expecting mothers are not required to travel and can also take daytime naps, which was not a possibility in pre-COVID times.
  2. No more waiting queue for meeting your gynaecologist: In most cases, you can meet your gynaecologist by staying at home through video calls. If in some case you need to meet the gynaecologist in person, everything is timed to the minute so that you don’t have to wait for long.
  3. Savings: Many pregnant women have acknowledged that while they were expecting a truckload of expenditure in their pregnancy, they have ended up saving a lot by just staying at home. The travelling and eating out expense is cut down to a great extent. Also, you don’t have to buy expensive maternity clothes as there no one to judge you at home.
  4. More time with the family: While working couples don’t get enough time to spend with each other, this pandemic has provided more quality time for everyone. Also, if an expecting mother is delivering during this time, the couple can get ample time to spend with their new family member.

In a nutshell, apart from taking all precautions, trying to find a little joy in this time of crisis is the best thing you can do in your pregnancy. If you’re, however, facing any kind of trouble, it is best to talk to your gynaecologist for support.

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