How safe it is to lose weight during pregnancy?

Weight gain is considered as a part and parcel of pregnancy. But if a woman is overweight, then it can cause many complications in terms of gestational diabetes and pre-eclampia. Therefore, it is important to maintain healthy weight during pregnancy.


  • Risk to fetus is very high and there can be high chances of miscarriage.
  • The child can be born with larger than average size; it can be serious situation for both mother and baby.
  • There are also high chances that baby will develop diabetes or heart diseases in the adult age.
  • The baby may have neural tube defects at the time of birth.
  • Mother with overweight can develop gestational diabetes, which increases the size of baby and make it impossible for vaginal birth or normal delivery.
  • Preeclampsia (reduced blood flow to the baby) is also very common among overweight mothers
  • It becomes really difficult to monitor fetal movement.
  • There is very high risk of UTIs (urinary tract infections) during pregnancy and postpartum period.
  • Blood clotting can complicate baby delivery.
  • Excessive blood loss chances during cesarean delivery
  • Induced labor is required.

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The welcoming news for the newly expecting, overweight mothers is that they can lose weight in the early days of pregnancy. For that to happen, you certainly need expert monitoring by experienced doctor as well as dietician.

Hence, the foremost thing that you can do is to select one of the best maternity hospital that has experienced and well qualified gynecologists as well as dieticians to supervise your weight during pregnancy and to handle any kind of complications.

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Following are the various steps that you can take to maintain healthy weight:

1. Calculate weight that is necessary to gain

There is no denying that for a pregnant woman it is important to gain some kilos to ensure good health of their child. It also applies on women those are overweight as that is a necessary and natural aspect of being pregnant.

Here, you can use pregnancy chart for calculating the required weight that you have to gain. You should aim to follow that chart weight and monitor your weight on regular intervals, consistently. You can read more about it in detail here

2. Manage your calories intake daily:

You should manage calories that are necessary for you and your upcoming baby to stay healthy. According to the doctors, each pregnant woman should get 1,700 calories at least to stay fit.

You can opt for diet chart as that will help you to track the calories intake. It is also an ideal way to know that you are not eating more than your requirement. Moreover, you can make sure that you remain in touch with dieticians and gynecologists who advice you appropriately regarding your weight and calories intake.

3. Introduce exercise in your routine

It doesn’t matter that you are underweight or overweight; you should exercise to ensure healthy pregnancy. It is recommended that you should do exercise and physical activity at least half an hour or more depending on your physical condition.

If you feel tired, quickly; then you can divide your exercise schedule into sessions of 10 minutes or more. You can enjoy walking, yoga and swimming to engage yourself. It also helps in reducing extra weight and pain that is common during pregnancy.

4. Drink lot of fluids

Many women think that taking fluids regularly will increase their restroom visit but that is very important during pregnancy. You need to ensure that you are properly hydrated for better circulation in the body and absorption of nutrients by the baby in the womb. If you indulge in exercises then make sure to drink lot of extra water than your routine but you should avoid eating excessive food.

5. Give preference to healthy and homemade snacks

If you like junk food then it is high time to change your preferences and introduce homemade and healthy snacks in your life. There are numerous options when it comes to healthier food such as fruits, veggies, sprouts, salads and lot many dishes.

You can also enjoy fresh dairy products, whole grain cereals, bread etc. for adding new texture in your snacks. You can opt for foods that contain rich amount of folate such as spinach, beans and strawberries.

Giving yourself a healthy breakfast daily including whole-grain, fruits, vegetables and high fiber items will help you to boost digestion. It will also help in eliminating constipation that is common among pregnant women. Read more about diet during pregnancy here

6. Don’t fill your belly too much

Most pregnant women tend to eat huge meals when they feel hungry. You shouldn’t do that as that will put pressure on your digestive system and belly. In fact, you should opt for small meals instead of eating huge meal at a time. This will also help you to consume only required calories without taking chance with indigestion and heartburns.

7. Increase prenatal vitamins in your diet

It is important that you should take pre-natal vitamins regularly that are prescribed by your doctor. It is important to fulfil your daily vitamin requirements. These vitamins will also help you to reduce consumption of calorie-rich foods. But also make sure you are taking balanced diet as they are not an alternative of your food.


In case, you lose too much weight during pregnancy then it can have a negative impact on the child’s well-being. Weight loss during pregnancy is not always helpful as it can impact the health of both mother and baby.


  • Underweight baby at the time of delivery (due to lack of nutrition)
  • Lower levels of Amniotic fluid
  • Poor cognitive function of baby
  • Mother and baby, both prone to infections due to low immunity

Always remember that pregnancy can be a vulnerable period for both mother and the baby, hence, you need to be always cautious about taking any drastic steps towards your diet, lifestyle and health. It is best to take expert advice on the matter from doctors, gynecologists and dieticians before commencing upon any matter pertaining to pregnancy.

At Healing Hospital, we are offering all-encompassing maternity services that include managing high risk pregnancies due to obesity or overweight issues. Our team of gynecologists and dieticians ensure that you enjoy a healthy and positive journey towards motherhood. Along with our highly sophisticated infrastructure, friendly staff and emergency facilities; we offer single priced affordable baby delivery package as well. To book appointment, contact us at

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