Sleep During Pregnancy – Sleeping positions, problems and solutions

The amount of sleep and its quality not only affect you and your baby during pregnancy but it also has its repercussion on labor and delivery. Lack of sleep is often correlated with complications like pre-eclampia, premature birth and so on. Therefore, it is imperative that in case you are pregnant, you ensure adequate and quality sleep.


The sleep position that is most preferred during pregnancy is left side but even sleeping on the right side is also okay. The left side is ideal for the proper circulation, absorption of nutrition by the baby, and it also reduce swelling and optimize kidney functions. You should certainly avoid lying on your back or stomach as it disrupts blood circulation and other functions of the body due to growing uterus which tend to put pressure on other organs in the abdomen area.

You can read about the other important things that you need to keep in mind during pregnancy by clicking here


It is commonly known that good night sleep helps in repairing the damaged body and resets it for the next day. But in the case of pregnant woman, it helps in maintaining the blood pressure that is required for baby’s survival and growth.

Every pregnant woman must have healthy immune system as that helps them to fight against virus and other health issues. Here, good night sleep helps you in achieving best immunity level.

In addition, it also helps in controlling the body’s response to insulin that reduces blood sugar which might lead to gestational diabetes if not taken care of. Here, it is crucial to ensure that you seek the right and trusted mother and child care hospital to take the necessary medical advice and treatment.


Most women face insomnia during pregnancy which is certainly due to the physical condition that they are in. They are uncomfortable most of the times and that adds to the insomnia. You can help yourself here by adding some relaxing activities or exercises in your routine as that will help you to sleep comfortably during night.

Stress and anxiety

If your mind is preoccupied with work, anxiety related to the baby or any other botheration, then you will certainly face a lot of issues with your sleep. You should share your worries with your partner, family or friend in the evening to remove them from your mind to sleep well.

Washroom visits

You have to drink lot of fluids during your pregnancy and that results in frequent visits to restroom. Moreover, the growing uterus tends to press upon the bladder and thus, there is frequent feeling of urination.

This can also impact your sleep as you have to wake up frequently during the night. For this, you should only take small amount of liquid in the evening so that you don’t have to wake-up too many times during your sleep.

Leg cramps can hurt your sleep

Leg cramps are common problem during pregnancy and it can affect your sleep. You can take help of your doctor to get safe supplements of magnesium (nutrient that helps to relax muscles) so you can sleep, sufficiently every night. If you are looking for solutions for your sleeping problems, then you can also contact our expert doctors at


This problem is completely related with your dietary habits. If you are feeling heartburns then prop your head with extra pillow or two. You should also try to finish your meal at least three hours earlier than going to your bed. In addition to this; you should also avoid citric, greasy and spicy food to reduce heartburns. You can read more about diet during pregnancy here


  • In pregnancy, pillows are your best friends as they will provide you the much needed support and comfort during the sleeping hours. You should place pillows behind your back and around both legs as that will give you comfort and work as alarm, when you are about to take turn during sleep. You can also opt for comfy armchair to sleep in semi-upright position during the daytime.
  • You should give attention to your eating habits as that can affect your sleeping pattern. Try to take your meal earlier in the evening to sleep well. In case, you feel hungry during the night then take glass of milk with whole grain crackers to satisfy your hunger.
  • Avoid the intake of caffeine or sugary desserts past afternoon as they will make you jittery. If you are interested to read more about the things to avoid during pregnancy then you can read here
  • You should make bed routine such as listening to soft music, reading books or simply taking a bath.
  • Turning off your phone can help you a lot. Don’t use laptops, television or other electronic items at least one hour before your sleep. Electric gadgets reduce melatonin (sleep-inducing hormone).
  • You should make your bedroom comfortable by adding pillows, soft lights and good quality mattress. These things will help you to sleep quickly and for long duration.
  • You can opt for meditation as that will help you to reduce tension and sleep well.
  • You can also try aromatic therapy for enhancing your sleep. In fact, it is proven that lavender aroma can help you to sleep faster.
  • You should also avoid your bed for doing your work, online shopping and other things. Keep it reserved for sleeping and cuddling!
  • Sometimes you need to do some relaxing activity to make you feel drowsy. Reading, music, meditation and sleep-inducing aromas are best
    alternatives for better sleep.

In case, the above mentioned tips did not work for you then, you can also take help of your doctor. But in no case, you should avoid the importance of sleep during pregnancy.

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