The Covid-19 Vaccines for Kids

Is COVID-19 Vaccine Safe for Pregnant Ladies

Pregnancy is an immunocompromised state. This means that pregnant women are at a higher risk of severe illness in comparison with others. During pregnancy, immunity gets reduced so a pregnant woman is prone to catch a bacterial, viral or any other kind of infection. So, she is also prone to catching the COVID-19 infection. 

Symptoms of COVID-19 in Pregnancy
Is COVID-19 Vaccine Safe for Pregnant Ladies?
How does COVID-19 Vaccine affect Pregnant Ladies?
Should You Get Vaccinated?

Symptoms of COVID-19 in Pregnancy

Symptoms of COVID-19 in pregnancy are more or less the same as the general symptoms of covid-19 such as cold, cough, fever, body ache, loss of taste and smell, etc. But if pregnancy takes place at an older age or is associated with any comorbid conditions such as heart problems or asthma, then hospitalisation, intensive care, ventilator or other special breathing apparatus, etc. may be required. In some cases, COVID-19 infection can even lead to death. 

Furthermore, pregnant women with COVID-19 have a higher risk of preterm delivery and have a higher risk of additional negative pregnancy outcomes.

Is COVID-19 Vaccine Safe for Pregnant Ladies?

Experts believe that as per the working of the COVID-19 vaccines, they are unlikely to do any harm to pregnant women. The Union Health Ministry has recently accepted the recommendations of the National Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (NTAGI) that Covid-19 vaccination is safe for pregnant women. Niti Aayog had also earlier stated that Covishield, Covaxin, Sputnik V and Moderna are safe for lactating mothers and pregnant women.

Most pregnant women are asymptomatic or have a mild disease, but their health may deteriorate rapidly and that might affect their baby too. It is important that they take all precautions to protect themselves from acquiring Covid-19, including taking vaccination against Covid-19. 

How does COVID-19 Vaccine affect Pregnant Ladies?

COVID-19 vaccines approved by the government affect pregnant women in the same way as they affect other people. When the vaccine is injected into the body, it starts producing spike proteins that are found on the COVID-19 coronavirus. So our body recognises it as a COVID infection and starts producing antibodies against it. 

So when the human body is actually infected by COVID-19, there are already antibodies present in the body that provide a protective shield against the virus. In such a case, either very mild symptoms appear or it becomes an asymptomatic case.

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Should You Get Vaccinated?

You can get a COVID-19 vaccination if you’re pregnant. However, you should discuss your options with your healthcare practitioner before receiving a vaccination that has been approved for use under Emergency Use Authorization. 

You can discuss the following points with your gynaecologist:

  • How likely are you to become infected with the COVID-19 virus?
  • What are the possible risks of COVID-19 to you and your baby?
  • Can there be any side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine on your pregnancy?
  • How can vaccination pass antibodies to your unborn baby?

If you are pregnant and need any recommendations regarding getting vaccinated, you may book an appointment with the best gynaecologist in Chandigarh here:

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