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Low Cost Laparoscopy Surgery in Chandigarh

Laparoscopy surgery is a procedure that majorly examines the organs inside the abdomen but also treats other organs of the human body. It is a low-risk, minimally invasive technique which involves only a few minor cuts in the surgery. The name laparoscopy surgery is derived from the instrument used in this procedure which is called the laparoscope.


A laparoscope is small telescope-like equipment which has a tiny video camera and a light on one end. When a surgeon inserts it into the body through a small cut, they can view what’s going on inside the body on a video display. In short, laparoscope is the equipment that prevents making larger cuts for the surgery.


A laparoscopy surgery can treat organs such as the abdomen, heart, reproductive organs, nerves, ear, sinuses, nose, throat, chest organs, joints, urinary tract and blood vessels. So if you are experiencing any kind of discomfort in any of these areas, you should go for a laparoscopy surgery in Chandigarh.



  1. Benefits of Laparoscopy Surgery
  2. Low Cost Laparoscopy Surgery in Chandigarh


Benefits of Laparoscopy Surgery


  1. Small Incisions: In comparison to open surgical procedures, laparoscopy surgery needs minimal incisions. A laparoscope is inserted through a tiny incision which makes the surgery successful.



  1. Shorter Hospital Stay: After a laparoscopy surgery, the patient is monitored for some hours before being released from the hospital. Vital signs such as respiration and heart rate are closely checked, and the patient is also monitored for any adverse responses to the anaesthesia or surgery.



Although everyone’s hospital stay varies according to their overall health and how their body reacts to the procedure, some may be discharged from the hospital after staying overnight.



  1. Quicker Recovery: Patients usually recover faster after laparoscopy surgery. Within a few days after the surgery, most patients can resume their normal activities.



  1. Less Scaring and Pain: Following a laparoscopy surgery, the patient will have minimal scarring. Laparoscopy surgery does not lead to long and visible surgical scars and because of the small incisions, patients feel less pain.



  1. Lower Chances of Infection: Another advantage of having this surgery is that the risk of infection is reduced. As soft tissues are not exposed to air, patients rarely become infected.



  1. Cost Effective: Although the cost of a laparoscopy surgery is determined by several factors, including the patient’s medical history, health issues, and treatment quality, it has been noted that laparoscopy surgery performed in India is less expensive than the surgery performed in countries such as US and UK.


Low Cost Laparoscopy Surgery in Chandigarh


Located in Sector 34-A Chandigarh, Healing Hospital is a cutting-edge super-speciality hospital. It offers a variety of treatments under one roof. Healing Hospital does not just have a state of the art infrastructure but it also uses the best technology and equipment. It is affordable and offers low cost laparoscopy surgery for various disorders that necessitate surgery.


Healing Hospital Chandigarh

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