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Pregnancy Contraindications Drugs- Unsafe Medicines for Pregnant Females

When it comes to pregnancy, one has to be very careful. If you are looking for a brief answer to which medications you should take during pregnancy then the answer is quite simple- Ask your doctor! However there are some medicines which you should certainly avoid during pregnancy. 

In this article, we’ll cover a list of some of the medicines that are unsafe for pregnant females.


Vitamin A supplements
SimvastatinCastor Oil
  1. Aspirin: Taking aspirin in pregnancy can increase the risk of bleeding in the brain of premature infants. Taking it in the third trimester can be extremely dangerous as it can increase the risk of the premature closure of a vessel in the foetus’ heart. Unless specifically prescribed by the gynaecologist, aspirin should be avoided by pregnant women.
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  1. Ibuprofen: Ibuprofen (Motrin and Advil) isn’t normally recommended in pregnancy unless it’s prescribed by the doctor. It should especially not be taken by pregnant women over the age of 30. The reason behind this is that it is sometimes linked to birth defects specifically in the heart and blood vessels of the baby. Ibuprofen should be absolutely avoided in the third trimester.
  1. Vitamin A supplements: Our body stores the excess amount of Vitamin A in the liver. This accumulation can have toxic effects on the body of the pregnant female and cause congenital birth abnormalities.
best gynaecologist in Chandigarh
  1. Isotretinoin: Isotretinoin is a medicine used for treating acne. Taking isotretinoin during pregnancy can cause serious birth defects in babies. Isotretinoin is also not recommended to anyone who is trying to get pregnant.

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  1. Warfarin: Warfarin is a medication that is used as an anticoagulant to treat blood clots. The inhibition of clotting factors can lead to internal bleeding of the foetus and can cause birth defects, abortion or stillbirth.
  1. Danazol: Danazol is a medicine used for the treatment of endometriosis, hereditary angioedema and fibrocystic breast disease. Its consumption during pregnancy can lead to malformations in the sex organs of the female foetus.
  1. Thalidomide: Thalidomide is a medication used to treat skin diseases and some types of cancer. It should not be taken by pregnant women as even a single dose of thalidomide can cause severe birth defects or death of the unborn baby.
  1. Diethylstilboestrol: Diethylstilboestrol, also known as stilboestrol is a non-steroidal estrogen medication that was developed to supplement a woman’s natural estrogen production. Taking Diethylstilboestrol in pregnancy can lead to vaginal adenosis and cancer of the vagina and cervix in the female offspring of the mother.
  1. Simvastatin: Simvastatin is a medicine used for slowing the production of cholesterol in the body. In pregnancy, cholesterol is important for the growth of the foetus and lack of cholesterol may cause birth defects in the baby.
  1. Castor Oil: Castor Oil is used as a home remedy to cure constipation, but it should be avoided by women during pregnancy as it can lead to premature labour.

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The bottom line is that you should never take medications during pregnancy without consulting your gynaecologist. Nowadays we tend to search for everything on the internet but it should be acknowledged that internet is not a substitute for professional advice by medical professionals. Therefore if you have even the slightest doubts about anything during your pregnancy, it is best to ask your doctor.

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