Tips For Baby Massage

Giving massage to your baby offers a number of benefits. A gentle rub down not only helps your infant sleep better but also improves his/her mood.  Although some mothers might find it intimidating to massage their infant but there is nothing to panic.

Below is a list of some tips for baby massage that you can utilize:

The best time to massage your baby is after he/she has been given a bath. The skin is moisturized after a bath and this is ideal for applying an oil or lotion that gets absorbed quite easily.

Always apply moderate rhythmic strokes while massaging your infant. Use a light, natural oil that won’t leave your baby’s skin feeling oily. However, if your infant has a dry skin, you can use a gel-based oil. It is always recommended to consult the pediatrician to know what’s best suitable for your baby.

Pour the oil or lotion in your hands and rub your palms to warm up the product you are using. This makes the massage more comfortable and relaxing for the baby.

Start with massaging the baby’s tummy just below the ribs. It is advisable to use clockwise circular motions as this helps in improving digestion.
Use your entire hand for massaging the infant rather than only using your fingers.

After the stomach, massage both the legs and inner thighs while applying gentle pressure movements. Move your baby’s legs back and forth for even better results.

Next, position your baby on his/her stomach and make light but large movements around the head, neck and back. Massage the back of the legs but remember to always go in one direction. Use your fingertips and perform small circular motions on the shoulders and back. Make sure you do not put pressure on the baby’s spine.

Last but not the least, lightly stroke the forehead, temples and bottom of the skull. Gradually move on to the other facial features such as eyebrows, cheeks , ears and mouth region as well.


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