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Total knee replacement is a surgical procedure that is used to resurface damaged knee by arthritis. Both plastic and metal parts are used to cap the bone ends that form knee joint and kneecap. 

This surgery is a great option for people are suffering from severe knee injury and are facing difficulties in day to day routine due to their damaged knees.  

What are the reasons that lead to knee replacement?

Knee replacement is perfect alternative for people those have disability or pain in their knee. Doctors recommend knee replacement for people who are diagnosed with osteoarthritis. 

If any individual has severe degenerative joint disease and is unable to do normal routine activities, they can also opt for knee replacement surgery for to lead a normal and pain-free life in the future. Click here to book appointment with our experienced orthopaedic doctor 

Here are some alternatives that are also helpful for knee pain–

  • Weight loss for obese people
  • Cortisone injections into the knee joint 
  • Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate 
  • Anti-inflammatory medicines 
  • Pain-killers
  • Physical therapy 


Bleeding – It is surgical procedure so there are chances of bleeding during and after procedure. It can happen due to inexperience of surgeon or low quality material used for knee replacement. In such scenario, entire procedure is required to be followed again. 

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Chances of infections – It is very common problem that is associated with any surgery. Infection can prolong the recovery time as well as create lot of pain. 

Blood clots in legs and lungs – During surgery, blood clots can form and they can also reach the lungs through blood veins. It can furthermore create other health problems. 

Pain and stiffness – Most people think that their knee pain will vanish immediately after knee replacement but that is not true. You can experience pain for few days as replaced knee will require time to heal, properly. 

Longer hospital stay – You may have to stay in hospital for few days or weeks depending on your medical condition. You surely need to spend some time in hospital once your knee replacement is done.  

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Here are some exercises that facilitate better recovery after total knee replacement –

1. Early Postoperative exercises – These exercises are very important after knee replacement surgery as these helps in increasing blood circulation in legs and feet. These exercises are also important as they will help in preventing blood clots.

They will also help in improving your knee movement as well as strengthen your leg muscles. You should start exercise as soon as your ortho doctor gives you the green signal! If you feel uncomfortable then also make sure to repeat these exercises as they will boost your recovery speed and diminish your postoperative pain.      

  • Quadriceps sets – For this exercise, you need to tighten your thigh muscle and try to straighten your knee afterwards. Now hold this position for 5 to 15 seconds as per your comfort. 

    Don’t put unnecessary strain on knees as that will not help in recovery. You can repeat this exercise 5 to 10 times in two or three minutes’ time. Take only one minute break and perform exercise until your thighs feel fatigued. 

  • Straight legs – You need to perform this exercise from your bed or while sitting to avoid any damage. You should tighten your thigh muscles with fully straightened knee. 

    Keep your quadriceps set above during this time for maximum benefit. Now lift your leg several inches as per your comfort and hold for 5 to 10 seconds. Lower your leg slowly.  

  • Ankle Pumps – You should move your foot down and up rhythmically while contracting shin and calf muscles. Perform this exercise 2 to 3 times in an hour during recovery. 
  • Knee straightening – Keep small rolled towel below your heel so it shouldn’t touch your bed. Tighten your thigh and fully straighten your knee and try to touch the back of your knee. Do it for 5 to 10 seconds.

2. Walking – Walking is considered as the best option that can help you to recover from knee replacement surgery quickly. In the beginning, make sure to use the help of a walker or crutches and follow the instruction of therapist to avoid damages or injuries. You should stand comfortably and balance your weight evenly on both legs. Take short steps as per your comfort and repeat the process.    

3. Climbing and descending stairs – You should use handrail of stairs for support and only move one step at a time. Keep your eyes open and lead the step upwards with your good knee. Use your operated knee to go downwards on stairs. You can take help of someone until your strength and mobility becomes normal.


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