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Vaccinating your Baby: Myths and Facts

Vaccines are a means of preventing the body from life threatening illnesses caused by viruses and bacteria. Even though the health of overall world has improved by the use of vaccines in the past decades, there are still some myths surrounding the use of vaccines for babies. This article focuses on why vaccination is important and a few myths which question the safety and value of vaccines.


Why should you vaccinate your baby?
Myths and Facts related to vaccination.
Final Word
Vaccination center in Chandigarh Healing Hospital

Why should you vaccinate your baby?

  1. First and foremost, immunization can save your child’s life: The world contains a lot of deadly diseases which can be prevented by vaccines. Years of research and testing leaves very less scope for any sort of doubts. So there is actually no reason to neglect them as far as the well-being of babies is concerned. Follow the link to find the best childcare hospital in Chandigarh for the vaccination of your baby-

  2. Vaccines help in preventing disorders in future generation: Vaccines have eradicated a lot of diseases in the world which were widespread a decade back. It is due to vaccines that the present generation has nothing to worry about diseases such as small pox and polio. In the same manner, diseases prevalent in today’s world may become just a history if vaccines are used effectively today.

  3. Vaccines are safe: Vaccines have been proven to be safe as well as effective. They are given to babies after years of research and testing by the greatest scientists of the world which leaves very little scope for them being unsafe.

  4. Vaccines are economical: Some vaccine preventable diseases can result in prolonged illness leading to financial crisis and health problems, draining you of your time and money. In comparison to a situation like that, vaccines save you a lot of time, effort and money. Get vaccination for your baby right after birth from the best mother and child care hospital in Chandigarh tricity

Vaccination center in Chandigarh Healing Hospital

Myths and Facts Related to Vaccination

Myth 1: Not all vaccine preventable diseases are serious.

Fact: Vaccines have been made only for serious diseases in the first place. Therefore, to leave any vaccine thinking it is not important is not at all recommended.

Myth 2: Vaccination for eradicated diseases is not required anymore.

Fact: Although many diseases have been eradicated from the world, they can still be found under rare circumstances. Hence vaccination of such kind of diseases should also be done without taking any chances.

Myth 3: The MMR vaccine can cause autism.

Fact: There is no scientific evidence around the fact that the MMR vaccine causes autism. The paper that published a link between the two was proved fraudulent. It is a sheer case of coincidence that autism is likely to appear around the same age when kids get this vaccination. Hence, this claim against MMR vaccine is not true.

Myth 4: Breastfed babies do not require vaccination.

Fact: It is true that breastfeeding helps in strengthening the immune system of the baby but it is not a replacement to vaccination. If your baby is exposed to a large chunk of a specific germ, the antibodies that the baby gets from breast milk are of temporary use.

Myth 5: Babies should get only one vaccine at a time.

Fact: With the help of combination vaccines, babies can get vaccination for multiple diseases with just a single shot. Research has proven combination vaccines to be safe.

Myth 6: Immunity acquired by getting a disease is better than immunity acquired by vaccination.

Fact: The immune responses to getting vaccination and getting the diseases are the same. However, the cost paid by getting immunity through contracting certain diseases can be as high as birth defects and even death.

Myth 7: Vaccination overburdens the baby’s immune system.

Fact: A baby is exposed to countless organisms every day! The organisms exposed through vaccine are negligible in comparison to them.

Myth 8: It is better to delay the baby’s vaccination.

Fact: Many people are of the opinion that delaying vaccines can lead to lesser side effects in comparison to getting vaccines right away. Contrary to this opinion, the sooner the child gets the vaccine, the better. If vaccines get delayed, the vulnerability to acquire the disease gets increased too.

Myth 9: Proper hygiene and sanitation can prevent the diseases.

Fact: Not all diseases that appear are because of unsanitary conditions. There are many diseases that spread regardless of utmost cleanliness. If proper care is not taken, even the eradicated diseases can reappear.

Myth 10: Vaccines have harmful side effects.

Fact: Vaccines are brought to the public only after careful research and testing. The chances of them having any side effects are quite rare.

Final Word

Vaccines are the reason that many life threatening diseases have been vanished from the world. If vaccination takes place regularly, we can bid goodbye to many existing diseases too. For the health and future of our kids, it is pertinent that immunization is not doubted and is thought of as a boon to save millions of lives.

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