Hip Replacement Treatment in Chandigarh

What are the Signs of Needing a Hip Replacement

Hip Replacement Surgery is one of the most common joint replacement surgeries that people undergo all over the world. Your doctor may recommend hip replacement surgery if you’re experiencing a lot of pain in your hip or the area near it.




1.      What is Hip Replacement Surgery?

2.      Signs that You Need a Hip Replacement


What is Hip Replacement Surgery?


Hip replacement surgery removes a damaged ball-and-socket hip joint and replaces it with an artificial hip joint. This artificial hip joint is mostly made up of metal or durable synthetic materials.


This surgery is normally performed on adults when other therapies such as using a cane or walker, losing weight, taking medications, or going to physical therapy, have failed. The following factors may necessitate a hip replacement:


  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Psoriatic arthritis
  • Hip fracture
  • Hip dislocation
  • Femoroacetabular impingement syndrome
  • Developmental hip dysplasia
  • Osteonecrosis
  • Neoplasms
  • Childhood hip disorders
  • An unhealed injury


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Signs that You Need a Hip Replacement


  1. Hip or groin pain

One of the key symptoms of an underlying problem with your hip joint is experiencing pain in the hip or groin area or anywhere till the knee area. Speak to an orthopaedic specialist if you experience pain while walking, exercising or when you go to bed at night.


  1. It becomes difficult to pursue routine activities

If you have had a hip injury, the most crucial thing to consider is how much your injured hip is disrupting your life. If your hip joint impairment is making even the most basic tasks such as wearing shoes, walking normal distances, etc. difficult or impossible, you should consider speaking with a doctor for hip replacement.

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  1. Stiffness

Another sign that your hip is significantly damaged and in need of hip replacement surgery is stiffness. Along with stiffness, you may also notice your hip joint clicking, popping or grinding, limiting your typical range of motion. If this is a persistent issue, you should consult an orthopedic specialist.


  1. Medications and physiotherapy are not helping


Most people with hip joint problems do not require hip replacement surgery right away. Your doctor will most likely start with physiotherapy, anti-inflammatory medications or steroid injections. These procedures are not effective in curing hip problems but they can enhance hip function and make hip pain more bearable.


However, there may come a time when these conservative methods may no longer remain helpful and provide no relief. Your doctor may recommend hip replacement surgery if you have significant hip discomfort or advanced arthritis.


You may also need to consider hip replacement if medications are leading to side effects on your body. When used for a short period of time, NSAIDs and other types of pain medicine are relatively safe. However, long-term use might result in negative effects such as ulcers, stomach irritation, etc.


  1. Hip pain is affecting you mentally

Hip joint pain has physical consequences as it limits your capacity to move and execute tasks. But if the joint pain is chronic, it can have a negative impact on your emotional and mental health as well.


Even if you can handle your degree of hip pain, after months or even years of coping with this symptom, you may begin to exhibit indicators of a mental health disorder. According to various research studies, chronic pain has been linked to sadness and anxiety in the past.


To prevent any damage to emotional and mental health, your doctor may suggest hip replacement surgery for you if they deem fit.


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