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Why Do Doctors Recommend Knee Replacement Surgery?

The knee is one of the body’s most essential joints. It is a good idea to consult your doctor if you are facing knee discomfort. Your doctor may recommend knee replacement surgery if your knee pain is chronic or if you are suffering from severe arthritis, which is one of the most common causes of knee pain.

Doctors recommend knee replacement surgery due to multiple reasons. Following are some of the benefits:

  1. Reduces pain and improves mobility: Whether it is total or partial knee replacement, this operation reliably improves pain and function in patients with knee discomfort. Pain alleviation is generally the first objective of knee replacement surgery, followed by a focus on mobility and getting back the normal functioning of the knee. 

In most cases, people have a tremendous reduction in pain and a great level of improvement in mobility after the surgery.

  1. Better quality of life: People suffering from knee pain are usually unable to live their lives in the way they want. By getting a completely new joint, knee replacement surgery facilitates in doing whatever they want to do.

This is a highly effective operation that puts people back to normal functioning. After you have fully recovered from your surgery, you may not have to restrict yourself from the activities that you want to do, thus improving your quality of your life.

  1. Better treatment response: If persistent knee discomfort does not improve with rest, medicine or other medical interventions such as anti-inflammatory drugs, injections or physical therapy, knee replacement surgery is one of the best alternatives.

Medications if taken for an extended period of time, can lead to physical dependency and addiction. This is why most doctors recommend knee replacement surgery. Besides this, after a successful knee surgery, the need for medications, physical therapy, or other procedures are significantly reduced.

  1. High success rate: Knee surgery is a highly successful procedure with a high rate of patient satisfaction. Most patients remain happy with the results of knee replacement surgery.

Along with this, knee replacement surgery is not restricted by age. Doctors make surgical suggestions based on the patient’s discomfort and impairment, and not their age. 

  1. Negligible post-operative pain: Local and regional numbing methods are now available in newer anaesthesia procedures, which considerably minimise post-operative pain. Also, partial knee replacement includes very small incisions due to which patients can even return home the same day.
  1. No need for post-operative blood transfusions: Modern and sophisticated surgical methods today result in far reduced blood loss, reducing the requirement for post-operative blood transfusions to almost nothing.
  1. Results: Knee replacement gives pain relief, increased mobility, and a better quality of life for the majority of patients. In addition, most knee replacements are projected to endure for at least 15 years, if not a lifetime.

Most daily activities can be resumed within three to six weeks of the surgery. If you can bend your knee comfortably, have adequate muscular control and aren’t using narcotic pain medicines, you can drive after three weeks. 

After you’ve recovered, you can do low-impact activities like walking, swimming, golfing, or biking. However, it is best to avoid higher-impact activities for the long life of your new knee.

Know more about knee replacement surgery in Chandigarh here:

Knee replacement surgery is a very common procedure. Many people are able to resume their previous activities after full recovery. While there is always a risk with any operation, this one is deemed safe, and most patients report less discomfort and more mobility after this surgery.

However, before you decide to go forward, talk to your orthopaedic doctor about the advantages and disadvantages, the cost of surgery, the time you will need to stay away from work, and other such queries.

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