Why Should You Get Hip Replacements As Early As Possible?

What is Hip Replacement?



During the Hip Replacement or Total Hip Arthroplasty, the damaged and worn out sections of the hip joint are surgically removed and replaced with metal, ceramic or plastic parts. The aim of Hip Replacement is to reduce pain in the hip joint and improve its functioning. 


Hip Replacement Treatment in Chandigarh


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Are you the right candidate for a Hip Replacement Surgery?



The decision to have a Hip Replacement Surgery solely depends on your specialist doctor’s advice. However, surgical treatment is the only option for some people under the following circumstances:

  • Your hip pain makes it difficult for you to manage normal everyday activities such as walking, standing or bathing etc.
  • The hip pain does not subside even when you are at rest and gets worse at night.
  • A high degree of stiffness in the hip joint that limits the leg movement.
  • Non-surgical options such as anti-inflammatory medications or physical therapy have failed to provide any relief. 


Hip Replacement Treatment in Chandigarh

Why you should not delay Hip Replacement Surgery?


  • In patients with hip pain that makes even simple daily activities a huge task, Hip Replacement Surgery is the only option.  
  • Over a period of time, the joint deformity can become even worse causing further complications. Delaying the Hip Replacement Surgery can make it harder to treat and manage later on.
  • The hip joint will eventually become stiffer because of increased deformity and this will affect your range of motion post-surgery. So, the more you delay treatment, the harder it becomes to regain normal range of hip motion after surgery.
  • When you move less and less because of hip joint issues, the sedentary lifestyle puts pressure on the surrounding muscles and tissues, thus making them weaker. They will never be able to regain their original strength even after surgery if you do not get the treatment on time.
  • Hip problems can radiate to back as well as knees and sometimes other body parts too. Even your ankles and shoulders can bear the brunt of limited hip movement. Therefore, you need to address the hip mobility issues as soon as possible and get the surgery done at the earliest as advised by your specialist surgeon.



If you have any queries or doubts about Hip Replacement Treatment in Chandigarh, reach to us at Healing Hospital and  our highly skilled specialist team of doctors will guide you in the right direction.



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