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PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) is one of the most common health conditions seen in a majority of women nowadays. It causes hormonal imbalance in the body and also affects metabolism in a negative way. PCOS can lead to further health complications such as diabetes, heart problems, mental health issues and even an increased chance of endometrial cancer.



Diet is one of the important criterion for controlling the symptoms of PCOS. Most of the women suffering from PCOS have insulin resistance. Since insulin has a major part to play in PCOS, it is imperative to manage your sugar levels well. If this step is not taken at the right time, you have a risk of developing diabetes by the age of 40.


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PCOS DIETARY MANAGEMENT Healing Hospital Chandigarh Mohali


  • It helps in reducing hormonal issues that are primarily linked to PCOS.
  • A healthy and nutritious diet will help keep your weight in check and this can mitigate your PCOS symptoms to a great extent.
  • An anti-inflammatory diet can reduce blood pressure and cholesterol in patients with PCOS. 
  • Apart from the above mentioned benefits, there are obvious advantages to the reproductive health. A well-balanced diet can assist you in getting back to your normal menstrual cycle.
  • Overall, your risk of getting a heart disease will reduce with a good diet. It should be noted that those with PCOS have high chances of getting cardiovascular diseases.


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Although there is no single diet that can significantly affect your PCOS symptoms, but certain foods are found to be helpful in managing this condition well. Below is a list of some pointers that you can follow in consultation with your dietician and gynecologist.


  • Consume anti-inflammatory foods such as leafy vegetables, fatty fish and extra virgin olive oil etc. so that there is a reduction in inflammation-related symptoms such as extreme exhaustion.
  • Include high-fiber foods such as beans and lentils, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, green and red peppers to keep your insulin levels in check.
  • Another nutritious dietary option for women with PCOS can be protein-enriched foods such as lean chicken, fish and tofu.
  • Your aim should be to avoid refined carbohydrates as much as possible because they cause inflammation and result in insulin spikes. Some of these foods include: white bread, sugary desserts and anything made with processed flour.
  • Limit sugar and any food items that consist of high fructose corn syrup, dextrose or sucrose. Also, reduce consumption of soft drinks and sugar-loaded beverages which can be very harmful for your health.



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