6 Top Benefits of Choosing Best Gynecology Hospital For Painless Delivery in Tricity (Chandigarh, Mohali & Panchkula)

There have been so many changes in this modern world yet when it comes to delivery and the thought of labor pain; it still gives jitters to women especially first time mothers. If you are about to give birth to a baby then you should know about the latest labor epidural analgesia. Its introduction has created the possibility of painless delivery for the mothers-to-be without c-section.

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Most of the women can reduce their labor pain naturally by using relaxing techniques or focusing on the positive outcome and breathing. But others feel severe pain during delivery and anxiousness adds to its intensity. Most of the women think that labor pain is for a short duration (as portrayed in movies!) but it only happens in very rare cases. In
fact, most women have to stay in labor conditions for 20 to 24 hours or more in the first pregnancy or depending on the complexity of their case.

In order to promote a healthy pregnancy, the painless delivery (epidural analgesia) is introduced by medical science and it is appreciated worldwide by people who have opted for this procedure. In India especially in Northern India i.e. Punjab, Delhi & Chandigarh, Mohali, etc, it is becoming a very prominent option as more than 80% of mothers are opting for this procedure. It is due to their awareness and information that helped them in having a healthy baby by opting for normal delivery without experiencing severe pain.

Now, if you are thinking that it is a very recent procedure then you will be surprised to know that it has been used safely for 20 years and more in western countries. There are many other alternatives that can help in reducing pain but they are not as safe as epidural analgesia.

What is epidural analgesia?

In epidural analgesia, the back of the patient is cleaned using antiseptic liquid and local anesthesia is injected in the catheter area. The needle is passed into the epidural and small doses of medicine are passed. This procedure helps in reducing labor pain during delivery.

The patient is given epidural analgesia when labor is all set and the cervix is at least 3-4 cm (the opening of the uterus). This procedure requires close monitoring by the Gynecologist & her team and that is why you should always rely on the Best Mother and child care hospital that has gynecologists holding expertise & experience in epidural analgesia.

At Healing Hospital we have a team of highly experienced, qualified, and best gynecologists who have years of experience in promoting as well as doing normal and painless delivery in Chandigarh. Click here https://healinghospital.co.in/mother-and-child-care-hospital-in-chandigarh/ to know more about them & our services.

Here are the benefits that you enjoy by opting for epidural analgesia procedure or Painless Delivery–

  1. Avoid uncomfortable and embarrassing situations –Normal deliveries can lead to situations like pulling of hair, screaming and discharge of urine, etc. and you can easily avoid such awkward situation simply by opting for epidural analgesia.
  2. Zero anxiety and minimum pain – Most of the mothers opt for C-section due to anxiety and pain that is present with normal vaginal delivery. You don’t have to bother about pain as it will be negligible during this procedure. You can also read our post about the risks and benefits of Normal and Cesarean Delivery at https://healinghospital.co.in/cesarean-delivery-vs-normal-delivery-risks-and-benefits/
  3. No chance of exhaustion – When you are in pain, then your entire body reacts to help you to ease and this overwork of body can lead to exhaustion. It can easily be avoided simply by opting for an epidural analgesia procedure. As you are under the observation of expert doctors you and your baby will not be overworked with this process.
  4. Faster recovery – This procedure not only reduces the pain during delivery but it also helps your body to recover quickly. It keeps you relaxed during delivery so your minimum energy is used for delivery; the remaining energy will be taken by the body to revitalize itself and thus recovery process will be much quicker.
  5. Early breastfeeding for newborns – It is true that mother’s milk is the best gift a mother can give to her newborn. Opting for epidural analgesia will give you the opportunity to meet your baby without delays. You can start breastfeeding your baby much faster.
  6. Enjoy time with your baby – Being a new mother, it is necessary to create a bond with your newborn. Opting for epidural analgesia will give you sufficient time with your newborn without feeling any sort of pain. This is certainly welcoming news to the expected first-time mothers who will be looking forward to having a blessed time with their babies.

In addition, Healing Hospital, Chandigarh also offers the following benefits when you select the epidural analgesia procedure–

  • Personalized care is given to you and the newborn so that there is no room for any kind of complication or discomfort.
  • A homely environment is provided so that it acts as a perfect place to welcome the newborn.
  • Top priority is given to hygiene standards with neat and clean rooms, washrooms, and surroundings.
  • A team of experts and very best consultant gynecologists is always ready to assess the situation, assist you thoroughly, and make the delivery a good experience for you.
  • The availability of world-class infrastructure, delivery rooms, state-of-art medical equipment, and facility of NICU in the premises makes us fully prepared to face all types of situations that may arise during delivery.

All the necessary medical services for mother and baby are available on the spot to make sure that everything goes smoothly and comfortably, the way you always wish!

We at Healing Hospital are committed to promoting the natural and normal birth of babies and our baby delivery charges include both cesarean as well as the normal delivery cost. We are offering single-prized fixed and affordable baby delivery packages and to know more click at https://healinghospital.co.in/mother-and-child-care-hospital-in-chandigarh/


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