Backache in Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings about a whole lot of changes in a woman’s body. As the pregnancy progresses, there is an increase in weight and the center of gravity is altered. This can cause back pain that can range from mild to severe. Backache in pregnancy is a common complaint but needs to be addressed properly to ease the symptoms.

Tips From Best gynaecologist in Panchkula to relieve backache in pregnancy are listed below:

  • Maintain a good posture: It is important to practice good posture during pregnancy so that back pain does not disturb your daily routine in a significant manner. Make sure you stand up straight without leaning back. The shoulders should be relaxed and chest needs to be held high. Do not lock your knees and always use a good chair that supports your back.


  • Be physically active: Regular physical activity helps in relieving backache during pregnancy. Do not overexert and only perform gentle activities such as walking etc. There are specific stretching exercises for the back that can also reduce the pain. However, any physical activity should be done only after getting an OK from your gynecologist.


  • Use appropriate supportive gear: Use footwear that provide you with good arch support so that you do not put pressure on your lower back. Avoid wearing high heels as they can make you trip or fall. Also, you might want to try a maternity support belt after consultation with your gynecologist.


  • Try ice or hot packs: In some cases, applying a heating pad or an ice pack can also be effective for backache during pregnancy.


  • Sleep on your side: Do not sleep on your back and try keeping both the knees bent. You can also use pregnancy support pillows between the bent knees, at the back or under the abdomen as recommended or required in your case by the specialist doctor.

Remember that you need to consult Best gynaecologist in Panchkula for any health issues during pregnancy. Take any step only as advised by your specialist doctor for your and the baby’s utmost safety.



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