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Best Hernia Surgery Hospital in Chandigarh

A hernia develops when an organ pushes through an opening in the muscle or tissue that secures it in its place. Hernias most commonly develop between the chest and hips, however, they can also occur in the upper thigh and groin. Although most hernias are not dangerous, they need the right treatment. Some may require surgery in order to avoid serious complications.


So if you are looking for the best hernia surgery in Chandigarh, then you are at the right place. The General Surgery Department of Healing Hospital is one of the best in providing hernia treatment in Chandigarh.


Table of Contents:

1. Procedure for Hernia Surgery

2. Prevention from Hernia
3. Best Hernia Surgery Hospital in Chandigarh


Procedure for Hernia Surgery


Although most types of hernia can be treated with medication, there are some types that may require surgery. Surgery might also be the best option if your hernia is growing and causing unbearable pain.


Primarily, there are two types of surgeries that can be done for hernia:


  1. Open Surgery: To see and repair the hernia, the surgeon makes a cut in the groin in the case of open hernia surgery. The surgeon identifies the bulge and pushes it back into the abdomen. After that, the abdominal wall is secured by stitches or mesh. The mesh is intended to support the weak portion of the abdominal wall where the hernia had developed.


  1. Laparoscopic Surgery: In the case of laparoscopic surgery, the surgeon makes multiple small cuts in the lower part of the abdomen and inserts special tools to see and fix the hernia. A mesh is used to seal and strengthen the abdominal wall.


An instrument called the laparoscope is introduced through a small incision. The laparoscope is linked to a small-sized video camera that displays the interior image of the body on a screen.


The abdomen is inflated with a gas, usually carbon dioxide, to make room for the doctor to examine the interior organs. This treatment is normally done under general anaesthesia.  During this type of surgery, the patient does not experience any kind of discomfort.


However, laparoscopic surgery is not appropriate for all hernias. If your hernia necessitates open surgery, your surgeon will consult with you to choose which method is best for you.


Some surgeons may also recommend a robotic surgery, during which they sit at a console and control robotic arms to execute the surgery.


Prevention from Hernia


It’s not always possible to prevent a hernia from forming. However, you can reduce your chance of a hernia by making some lifestyle changes such as the following:


  1. Quit Smoking
  2. Maintain a healthy weight
  3. Add high fibre foods to your diet
  4. Exercise but avoid lifting heavy weights


Best Hernia Surgery Hospital in Chandigarh


Healing Hospital’s General Surgery Department has surgeons who are expert in treating all kinds of hernias with the highest accuracy and care. The surgeons recommend the best kind of treatment based on the condition of every individual patient. The Healing Hospital team guarantees that the patient receives proper post-operative quality care and ensures that they receive all the necessary assistance.


Book an appointment for the best hernia treatment in Chandigarh.


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