Hernia: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Surgery/ Operation Cost in Chandigarh

Hernia is the abnormal extension of fatty tissue or organ like bowel(stomach area). It generally grows in the wall of the cavity of the muscle or tissue.

Most hernias are not particularly life-threatening unless there is strangulation that can worsen the condition, then immediate surgery is required. Nevertheless, hernias don’t go away on their own, hence, surgeries are required to treat them and avoid further complications.

Types of Hernia:

Hernia is of various types likeInguinal hernia, umbilical hernia, incisional hernia, hiatal hernia to femoral hernia and epigastic hernia.

The most common types are:

a) Umbilical hernia– It is mostly caused in small children and babies (less than 6 months to 1 year). The small intestine push through the wall of abdominal area. It is generally apparent near navel of the child.

b) Inguinal hernia– It is also referred to as groin hernia. In this, the intestines push through weak spot of the inguinal canal which is the lower abdominal wall. Most of these cases occur in men due to natural weakness in this region.

c) Incisional hernia– In this, the intestine pushes the abdominal wall at the site of surgery. It is prevalent mostly in older or overweight people.

d) Femoral Hernia– The intestine enters the canal which carries femoral artery in the upper thigh. This occurs generally in women due to pregnancy or obesity.

e) Hiatal Hernia– it happens when upper stomach press into the opening of the diaphragm which is known as hiatus.

Symptoms of Hernia:

  • The most common symptom of hernia is experiencing pain or discomfort while doing physical activities like exercising, walking etc. It can also cause some discomfort during urinating or coughing.
  • It can be more painful during the day or in sitting/standing position. It is also observed that the pain recedes while lying down, resting or sleeping.
  • There is bulgingor lump near the abdominal area. The lump tends to disappear when lying down.
  • In case the strangulation occurs the blood supply to the bowel can stop. This can result in severe pain and tenderness.
  • Other minor symptoms include- heartburn, chest pain, difficulty during eating etc.

Causes of Hernia:

Causes of hernia can vary from person to person as there can be multiple causes. There can be mechanical causes that are generally the combination of muscle weakness, strain, poor lifting of weights, sharp blows to bowel area and even bad posture.

There are various conditions that intensify the pressure of the abdominal cavity which results in hernia:

  • Aging
  • Obesity
  • Multiple pregnancies
  • Straining during bowel movement or urination
  • Chronic lung disease, chronic coughing
  • Fluid in abdominal cavity
  • Damage from an injury or surgery

Treatment of Hernia:

The best way to treat hernia is surgery that repair hernia by sewing the weak spot of the abdominal wall. The process of repairing or removal of hernia is referred to as hernioplasty. The patching up of the hole is done with surgical mesh. There are two ways of repairing- open surgery or laparoscopic surgery.

In open surgery, the surgeon makes a cut or incision near the hernia and bulging tissues are then pushed back into the abdomen. Then the area is sewed and sometimes surgical mesh is used to repair.

In Laparoscopic surgery, tiny cameras and miniature surgical equipment are used which results in very small and few incisions. The surrounding tissues are not damaged in the process. The Laparoscopic surgery results in smaller incisions which ultimately lead to faster recovery and minimal scarring.

Here are the benefits of choosing Laparoscopic hernia surgery in Chandigarh:

  • Laparoscopic procedures take very less time.
  • Incisions are very small
  • There is negligible chance of infection.
  • It is so effective that recurrence of the same problem in future is very less.
  • It is generally a day procedure and you are discharged the same or the next day!

When you are opting for hernia surgery in Chandigarh, it is best to seek well experienced surgeon so that precise investigation can be made for your case and most suitable treatment is carried on.

Hernia Surgery/ Operation Cost in Chandigarh

As you seek hernia operation cost in Chandigarh, you need to understand that the actual cost of the surgery depends of various factors. The type of surgery that you opt is the most prominent deciding factor. The cost of open surgery is comparatively less that laparoscopic surgery but it is observed that latter has more benefits in terms of faster recovery, less scarring and minimal pain. Secondly, the requirement of mesh repair in the surgery determines the cost of hernia surgery in Chandigarh, along with the health condition of the patient or co-morbidity that might complicate the surgical procedure. We at Healing Hospital are offering hernia surgery from Rs 40,000 to 50,000 which include not only the cost of surgery but also the hospital stay and other medical expenses. We offer you one of the best and cost-effective medical services with access to high
quality technology and well-qualified doctors.

When it comes to hernia doctors and specialists then we at Healing Hospital, have one of the best and most experienced team. Our hernia doctors and surgeons specializes in treating all types of hernia ranging from Inguinal hernia, umbilical hernia, incisional hernia, hiatal hernia to femoral hernia and epigastic hernia. Your case will be in most caring and well-qualified hands and you are sure to get world-class medical attention when it comes to hernia surgery in Chandigarh.

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