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How Long Does The Average Person Live After Heart Bypass Surgery?

Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery is a procedure in which a surgeon uses one or more grafts to create a bypass around blocked or narrowed coronary arteries, enabling increased blood flow to the open grafts beyond the blockage to supply blood to the heart muscles.




  1. Why is heart bypass surgery important?
  2. What are the risks of heart bypass surgery?
  3. How long does the average person live after heart bypass surgery?
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Why is heart bypass surgery important?


There are three major coronary arteries in the heart. Fatty deposits can form on the inside of these arteries over time, leading to Coronary Heart Disease and reduced blood flow to the heart. When this happens, one may experience chest pain or shortness of breath and is also likely to have a heart attack.


The number of blocked coronary arteries determines whether one has single-, double-, or triple-artery disease. Heart bypass surgery is used to alleviate symptoms of Coronary Heart Disease and lower the risk of a heart attack.


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What are the risks of heart bypass surgery?


Although heart bypass surgery is now safer than ever, there are still some hazards, as with any kind of surgery. Following are some of the risks of a heart bypass surgery:


  • Some patients may experience considerable memory loss, but the vast majority will recover completely.
  • Some may experience reduced kidney function which normally improves within days of surgery.
  • Major problems, such as stroke, have a one to two per cent chance of occurring.
  • There are some chances of chest infections and redo for bleeding as well.
  • Heart attack and death are rare but may occur in some cases.

The likelihood of complications is determined by a variety of factors such as the patient’s health prior to surgery. Speak with your heart surgeon in Chandigarh so that you can determine your own risk based on your health, age and other factors.


How long does the average person live after heart bypass surgery?


After a heart bypass, most people perform quite well and live for at least 15 years before needing another surgery, which is usually a stent insertion. If stenting isn’t an option, a second heart bypass could also be performed.


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Although most people tend to do well after a heart bypass surgery, it is crucial to remember here that heart bypass surgery does not treat the underlying Coronary Heart Disease. Therefore, it is important to take care of one’s heart by following the lifestyle recommendations.


These include timely medications, blood pressure control, cholesterol management, quitting smoking, exercise, diet, and living a healthy lifestyle. These are life-saving procedures which can increase the life span of any heart patient.


Heart Bypass Surgery can be a life-saving procedure in most cases. However, it is important to make the decision of having this surgery only after consulting an experienced heart surgeon. Healing Hospital is a super speciality hospital in Chandigarh which is famous for its Cardiology department which houses the best heart surgeon in Chandigarh. Book an appointment in case you have any doubts regarding the procedure.


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